Rich Text Viewer 1.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by NasRatb
Rich Text Viewer is a Plasma applet that shows any text (field using RichText type - you can use some html tags for text) loaded from user defined source (url). This is great plasmoid to show data from your server.
Score 50.0%
Oct 04 2019

Virtual Desktop Bar 0.5.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by wsdfhjxc
This is an applet for KDE Plasma panel that lets you switch between virtual desktops and also invoke some actions to dynamically manage them in a convenient way. Those actions can be accessed through applet's context menu or user-defined global keyboard shortcuts. There are also some automated...
Score 73.3%
Sep 30 2019

Luna II 2.1.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by dxtwjb
This plasmoid displays the current phase of the moon. If you click on it, a dialog appears which shows the dates of the important moon phases in the same month (last new moon, first quarter, full moon, third quarter and next new moon). The format in which these dates are shown can be...
Score 70.0%
Sep 28 2019

Showerthoughts plasmoid 1.7

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by thevladsoft
Shows a randomly chosen post (or post's thumbnail) from one or several reddit's subreddits. You can make it load a new post by left clicking and open it by middle click. It was inspired in https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/4jx4oh/get_a_random_rshowerthoughts_post_as_your_shell/ ... and...
Score 62.5%
Sep 27 2019

Display Brightness Control 1.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by risu
Backlight control which allows as well to dim screen below available level. It works like a popup menu which display vertical scroll bar. Highly recommended. Level limits are configurable under the right-click menu. Widget will not open popup if display brightness is not available in power...
Score 50.0%
Sep 21 2019

Mini Task Manager 1.0.0

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by nainemom
Switch between running applications with minimal GUI.
Score 50.0%
Sep 14 2019

Window Buttons Applet 0.6.0

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by Psifidotos
This is a Plasma 5 applet that shows window buttons in your panels. This plasmoid is coming from Latte land but it can also support Plasma panels. ------ To install it you should build yourself, installing it from Plasma Widgets Explorer directly wont work. Requires: Qt >= 5.9 KF5...
Score 85.4%
Aug 28 2019

Window Title Applet 0.5.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by Psifidotos
This is a Plasma 5 applet that shows the current window title and icon in your panels. This plasmoid is coming from Latte land but it can also support Plasma panels. You can install this applet directly from Plasma 5 Widgets Explorer
Score 84.8%
Plings: 1
Aug 28 2019

Minimize all Windows Big 1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by tuxg0d
Big version of Minimize all Windows plasmoid This is the minimize all windows plasmoid that comes with kde, except I reverted a commit so it looks better on vertical panels (for example, a Unity-style layout) This is the commit I...
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Score 60.0%
Aug 25 2019

Public IP Address widget 1.0

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by davide-sd
Plasma 5 widget for showing informations about your public IP address. This is useful for informational purposes and to monitor VPN geolocation. The expanded view shows a map with informations requested from ipinfo.com: you can copy to clipboard the different informations by clicking over them....
Score 63.3%
Aug 19 2019