mouseswap-kf5 4

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by pru
Quick change between left/right hand mouse. This is a QML version/port to KDE5 of http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/mouse-swap?content=161884 Usage: click on the plasmoid icon with the right or left mouse button to set it as the primary button. Dependencies to build on Fedora 26: dnf install...
Score 63.3%
Jul 30 2017

Webcut 2.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by Mazoon
A web shortcut, with a preview, on the desktop. As inspired by N900, N9, SailfishOS et al. At last a QML version for Plasma 5. Simpler than before, but might still contain bugs. Also supports urls dragged on desktop. Update July 2017: I did some improvements on this months ago but never quite...
Score 50.0%
Jul 28 2017

kargos 0.6.0

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by lipido
A Plasma port of Argos (https://github.com/p-e-w/argos) and BitBar (https://getbitbar.com/) plugins to fast create custom plasmoids. More info and instructions at: https://github.com/lipido/kargos
Score 74.0%
Jul 21 2017

Active Window Control 1.7.3

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by clearmartin
Plasmoid which just show active window title and icon. Also allows to close active window with cross icon (its location can be configured) and some other actions (like present-windows effect etc). This plasmoid is particularly useful when using BorderlessMaximizedWindows=true setting (in...
Score 86.5%
Jun 08 2017

CodeShip Monitor 1.0.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by Naraku
This is a simple plasmoid for KDE Plasma 5. It shows the build status of your latest codeship builds. Installation plasmapk2 -i codeshipDirectory
Score 50.0%
May 25 2017

Arch Linux Update Notifier 1.0

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by harriseldon
plasmoid-arch-updatenotifier Arch Update Notifier Plasmoid Overview This plasmoid is an attempt to notify the user of packages that are pending to install without locking the repository database. Other full package managers like octopi will leverage ALPM to fully integrate with pacman. This...
Score 40.0%
May 24 2017

Google Task - web - obsoleted 0.0.2

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by suli
Widget shows google tasks thru WebView. Thanks for help zekthedeadcow - bug in font/web size si +/- solved Instalation ----------- Unzip file then use # plasmapkg2 -i gtask-web/ or upgrade # plasmapkg2 -u gtask-web/
Score 63.3%
Apr 27 2017

Hablamemo 1.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by dimkard
Do not use "Get new widgets -> Download new plasma widgets" for installation. See instructions below. Increase your memory skills while learning a new language. Create a vocabulary kvtml file (e.g. in Parley), load it to Hablamemo, select your level and you are ready! Image mode is also...
Score 58.0%
Mar 17 2017

Bouncy Ball 2.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by Sho
Bouncy Ball is back! Add it to your Plasma 5 desktop and bounce, bounce, bounce. Changelog for Bouncy Ball v2.1: * Added support for sound (off by default). * Added auto-bounce. * Much better mouse response. * Made simulation tick configurable. * Bugfixes.
Score 76.7%
Mar 12 2017

Twitter client for KDE Plasma 5

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by ammarik
Twitter client as a plasmoid for KDE Plasma 5. This client is designed for desktop environment KDE Plasma 5 as a widget that is clipped to the computer desktop. Application directly on the desktop shows the latest notifications and posts from Twitter, allows to post statuses, send or display...
Score 67.1%
Feb 22 2017