Termoid 0.3

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by koldbyte
Terminal in a plasmoid with keyboard and mouse input. Run your favourite shell or terminal applications like nethogs, htop, colortail etc. on your desktop as a widget/plasmoid. # Features * Your favourite Terminal :) * Working keyboard and mouse input * Comes with many inbuilt colour schemes *...
Score 58.0%
Mar 23 2019

device 0.5

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by m4qu3l4n
shows a device icon on the desktop. hold down to move and scale
Score 58.0%
Mar 20 2019

GitHub Issues 3

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by Zren
Displays a list of recent GitHub issues for a specific (or multiple) repos. * Display first page of issues from a GitHub repo. * Can display Open, Closed, or All Issues + Pull Requests. * Lists number of comments like the webpage. * Uses the same Octicons as the webpage. * [bug] All "closed"...
Score 77.0%
Mar 20 2019

bumblebee-indicator 0.70

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by bxabi
It indicates the on or off status and temperature of the Nvidia card on the Optimus systems, when bumblebee is used.
Score 70.0%
Mar 19 2019

Media Controller Compact v1.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by bkueng
Simple media controller plasmoid that fits into a panel and shows the currently playing song and artist. It is based on the original Media Controller Plasmoid and thus supports the same players. If changing the volume does not work, try to use the following command: pactl set-sink-volume 0...
Score 75.0%
Mar 19 2019

Latte Separator 0.1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by Psifidotos
Plasma 5 applet that acts as a separator between applets. This plasmoid is coming from Latte land but it can also support Plasma panels.Features: * option for thickness margins * option for length margins
Score 68.6%
Mar 18 2019

Showerthoughts plasmoid 1.6

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by thevladsoft
Shows a randomly chosen post (or post's thumbnail) from one or several reddit's subreddits. You can make it load a new post by left clicking and open it by middle click. It was inspired in https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/4jx4oh/get_a_random_rshowerthoughts_post_as_your_shell/ ... and...
Score 62.5%
Mar 06 2019

Email Faker 1.0

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by zanturik
Avoid spam and stay safe - use a disposable email address! (c) https://www.guerrillamail.com Widget to generate random email address to receive one shot emails for your evil plans. Using guerrillamail api without any credentials/authentication data.
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Score 58.0%
Feb 28 2019

File Drawer 1

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by moofang
This is a simple plasmoid that sits on your panel and, on click, simply displays the file contents of a configurable folder in a drag-scrollable "drawer". Scratches the itch of the default folderview plasmoid NOT being sanely operate-able with a touch screen. Might be kinda rough around the...
Score 50.0%
Feb 25 2019

Desktop Pager Wheel 5.0

Plasma 5 Add-Ons by intika
Desktop Pager Wheel Based On The Original KDE Pager Contact/Paypal-Donations: intika@librefox.org thanks a lot Features: - Fix/Re-implement mouse wheel to switch between desktops - ...
Score 50.0%
Feb 15 2019