TextLaunch 0.3.3

Plasma 4 Extensions by admoore
This plasmoid for KDE 4.3 or later is something like a quicklaunch, but instead of icons you get text buttons. You can assign any command or string of commands to the button as well as a tool tip. Why text?Someone may well ask, "Why text buttons when we have pretty icons?". ...
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Mar 13 2011

kikkanji 1.0

Plasma 4 Extensions by somekool
This is a plasma applet which displays kanji. it has a timer that make the kanji change every two minute, you can also forward to the next one with a simple click or go backward with a shift-click.config dialog is still missing. it displays kanji up to grade 3 by default. that can be change in...
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Jun 08 2012

Blue Letter Bible (Not Official) 2.0

Plasma 4 Extensions by jmiahman
** Update 09/17/2013 **This app used to display the iPhone Bible webapp called 3onesix. I tried this Plasmoid out after some time only to find that the 3onesix site seemed to have some issues. In the mean time Blue Letter Bible has made some strides to update their site making it more and more...
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Sep 18 2013

Server Status Widget openSuSE11.2 RPM 1.2

Plasma 4 Extensions by mononoke
For more information please visit the authors page: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Server+Status+Widget?content=101336
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Feb 15 2010

SvgPanelTest 0.1

Plasma 4 Extensions by mart
SvgPanelTest is a very simple plasmoid that can be used by theme designers to test Plasma themes, you can load different themes with its configuration interface, as well as disabling the rendering of an edge of the svg.it can be used in plasma or in plasmoidviewer with the commandplasmoidviewer...
5 .0
Mar 23 2008

Plasma Google Now 0.1

Plasma 4 Extensions by anilet
Approximate recreation of Conky Google Now widget from http://satya164.deviantart.com/art/Conky-Google-Now-366545753. Art work and Icons copied from Conky widget.Modified from Yahoo weather widget http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Yahoo%21+Weather+Widget?content=164194.Network widget copied...
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Aug 31 2014

Folderview: Translucent Dragging 4.8.2-p3

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi
This is a patched version of the folderview plasma applet. The patch makes dragged file/folder icons translucent. It also makes it compile stand alone (without compiling the whole KDE Base Apps; changes to CMakeLists.txt).
7 .3
Apr 19 2012

Smooth Tasks wip-2010-11-06

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi
This is a fork of mbaszczewskis STasks plasmoid. For the original STasks code go there:http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/STasks?content=99739This taskbar replacement has window peeking similar to Windows 7 when you use the kwin 'highlight window' effect. Even if this effect is not used...
8 .7
Nov 05 2010

Play Control 1.2.5

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi
This is a tiny plasmoid that can control media players using the mpris DBus API (including some workarounds for broken media players). With this you can assign global hotkeys for media player actions (toggle play/pause, next song, previous song, stop, ...) and the shortcuts will control...
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Dec 03 2014

Icon Tasks 0.9.2

Plasma 4 Extensions by CraigD
Modified version of KDE 4.7 taskbar applet and taskmanager library. Modifications: 1. Show only icons (no text) in taskbar. 2. When a launcher is activated, place the task's taskbar entry at the same location as the launcher. 3. Tasks with no associated launcher, are placed after launcher tasks...
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Nov 10 2011