Dagadu QML 1.0

Plasma 4 Extensions by shsetyana
Indonesian:Dagadu Generator adalah plasmoid sederhana yang ditulis dengan QML. Plasmoid ini berguna untuk membalikkan kata-kata dalam bahasa Indonesia atau Jawa. Dagadu artinya Matamu.English:Dagadu Generator is a simple plasmoid written with QML. This plasmoid is useful to reverse words in...
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Mar 07 2013

discburner a13

Plasma 4 Extensions by djustice
DiscBurner----------burns discs :)and some other useful disc relatedfunctions.eg, formatting, ripping audio-> ogg/mp3/wav.current projects:- audio disc (bin, cd/dvd)- mp3 disc (iso9660, cd/dvd)- data disc (iso9660, cd/dvd)break it and report? plz?
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Mar 06 2013

plasma_coretemps 0.23b

Plasma 4 Extensions by vaxxipooh
## README plasma_coretemps.tar.gz ##INSTALLATIONmake sure you have lm-sensors / coretemp installed and working properly, ifthe command ~ $ sensors (in terminal) outputs something like this:coretemp-isa-0000Adapter: ISA adapterPhysical id 0: +34.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +99.0°C)Core 0: ...
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Mar 01 2013

Google Calendar Agenda (ownCloud too!) 0.23

Plasma 4 Extensions by GDR
This plasmoid shows a list of future tasks in Google Calendar (agenda). It's mostly inspired by Android widgets. It differs from other gcal plasmoids because it's not a frame displaying GCal Mobile. It supports arbitrary number of calendars and chances are that it also supports other online...
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Feb 28 2013

PTimer - TimeTracker plasmoid 1.1

Plasma 4 Extensions by DmitryK
Time tracking tool for KDE 4.x✔ Useful task adding✔ Editing task title✔ Adding/removing time✔ Minutes&Seconds and Decimal Time ✔ Redmine integration: loading issue subject, link to issue, link to report time
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Feb 25 2013

miniterminal 0.1

Plasma 4 Extensions by mjnovice
A simple plasmoid which lets you install,remove and search packages right from the desktop
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Feb 21 2013

PRIMElaunch 0.4

Plasma 4 Extensions by T0masM
Launch OpenGL applications with (or without) your secondary graphics card.Your install will need PRIME support (recent enough Xorg, mesa and Linux kernel versions) for PRIMElaunch to work. If only one card displays, you need to fix your install!For a (quite dated) description of PRIME by its...
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Feb 19 2013

Bitcoin Rate 0.9

Plasma 4 Extensions by joelthelion
Gives the current exchange rate for Bitcoins on Mt. Gox.Donations Welcome! 1LEpo473e5fBtvrdaKv88mAq6qZ7vu6anxInstallation:Download the zip file, unzip it, and type:plasmapkg -u btcRateif that doesn't work, tryplasmapkg -i btcRateThen the plasmoid should be available when you select "Add new...
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Feb 17 2013

Latest news 1.3

Plasma 4 Extensions by megabigbug
This plasmoid displays a flat list of several rss feeds.Each item shows:- the entry's title and an icon for recognize the RSS feed- the first lines of the entry and one or two thumbnails when the entry contains images- a footer with feed's name, author's name (when available) and a date of...
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Feb 17 2013

Meniny (Slovakian name-day) 1.1.1

Plasma 4 Extensions by LuCKy69
Slovakian name-day plasmoid.Developed and testing on 64b Kubuntu 9.04 base installation (python-2.6, KDE 4.2.2).All errors reports, please write in comments.Report content from konsole: plasmoidviewer meninyInstallation from konsole:-CD to directory with downloaded plasmoid file-plasmapkg -i...
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Feb 13 2013