OSX theme package 0.3

QtCurve by TheBlackKnigth
OSX theme packageDescriptionOSX is a package for kde4 that tries to mimic the appearance of mac os x.Requirements: - 14.04+ Kubuntu 64bit. - Kde plasma 4 Important: - Only works with kubuntu 14.04 or higher - Can cause problems, use at your own risk. Installation instructions: - Download...
3 .4
Dec 26 2014

Default plasma theme package (Skinx) 1

QtCurve by TheBlackKnigth
Default plasma theme package for SkinxDescriptionThis package clears all changes made by Skinx and leaving the default appearence of Kde4 on kubuntu.Requirements:- 14.04+ Kubuntu 64bit.- Kde plasma 4Important:- Only works with kubuntu 14.04 or higher- Can cause problems, use at your own...
3 .3
Dec 26 2014

Wineight style qtcurve 8.14.6

QtCurve by alesandromarkes
Qtcurve style simulating Windows 8 theme. Works and fits better with Wineight color scheme (http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Wineight+aero+colors?content=159158) and Wineight Kwin style deKorator. This is for the most customizable and advanced desktop graphical enviroment.Dependency:...
6 .4
Dec 13 2014

SolarizedLight Flat Theme 1.0

QtCurve by tardo
I'll share here my self-made Kde Theme hoping you appreciate ;)The main idea is to suppress as much as possible white color and have a good contrast as explained by author of Solarized colors palette (http://ethanschoonover.com/solarized).These are basic components:- QtCurve Style and windows...
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6 .3
Dec 12 2014

QtCurve-Adwaita-Dark 1.0

QtCurve by DDZ
QtCurve-Adwaita-Dark is QtCurve style and colors for QT/KDE apps matching the Adwaita-Dark-3.14-rev.2 theme by cbowman57 (http://www.deviantart.com/art/Adwaita-Dark-3-14-rev-2-492714039) and based on Adwaitish QtCurve style by ArtKun...
6 .3
Nov 24 2014


QtCurve by tsujan
This is the Kvantum default theme with translucency and some changed settings. It needs Kvantum >= 0.8.9. The Arorae decoration as well as a variant with blurring (KvBlur) is included.Installation: After installing the latest version of Kvantum, run "Kvantum Manager" from the Utilities menu...
6 .5
Nov 18 2014

Starship, a QtCurve style

QtCurve by DBrannan
Starship was inspired by the computer with the floating virtual display on Destiny Starship from the Stargate Universe TV series.This KDE Style goes with my "Starship Color Scheme" here on kde-look.org. 1. Download qtcurve from your repository. 2. Download "Starship, a QtCurve Style"...
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5 .0
Nov 18 2014

Kluy QtCurve 1.0

QtCurve by eltuga84
Modificacion de QtCurve para Kluy (distro basada en Kde) el tema completo incluye los colores, iconos y Wallpapers y se puede descargar desde el segundo link en G DriveCapturas: 1 Kluy cuadrado2 Kluy plane3 Kluy cadrado (MiLadoOscuro colores)Tema Kluy1-Colores: KluyColors, KluyReload y...
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5 .0
Nov 10 2014

Megadrive 1.0

QtCurve by bingojohnson
QtCurve theme made to resemble the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis in the USA) videogame console.
6 .3
Nov 07 2014

Per_ 0.1

QtCurve by mcder
Qtcurve style based on Aeri and Anewstart.
7 .2
Nov 02 2014