Ark Dark for QtCurve

QtCurve by fapasv
Dark theme inspired in Arc for gtk, color scheme inlcuded in gz, windows decoration Karc Dark
Score 63.3%
May 23 2016

AdMaita for QtCurve 1

QtCurve by fapasv
My theme inspired in Adwaita gtk, as always I included the color scheme in gz. Saludos!!
Score 58.0%
May 23 2016

Lyon Milk (qtCurve) 1

QtCurve by fapasv
This is a Milk version of my style based on Lyon, made for plasma 5 with breeze Decoration, (work for kde4 I think, not tested on it). Gz includes the color scheme and the qtcurved theme. I Hope you enjoy this theme. Saludos!!
Score 58.0%
Apr 15 2016

Mac Xpro 3

QtCurve by sandrotales
Nesse Thema eu instalei o qtcurve , kwin-style-qtcurve , gtk2-engines-qtcurve, libreoffice-fix-qtcurve-kaiana2, qtcurve-kaiana-themes e o kde-style-qtcurve. Para o thema de janelas usei o yosemitWhite, thema da area de trabalho ar para netbooks , e ativei o recurso borrar de aparencia do kwin....
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Score 43.3%
Apr 13 2016

Windows 10 for QTCurve 1.0

QtCurve by elbullazul
QTCurve theme for KDE Desktops mimicking the Windows 10 GUI (as close as QTCurve let me go) to install this theme, open a terminal and type :sudo apt-get install qtcurve then, head to Settings > Application Appearance > Style and in the drop-down menu select QTCurve. Then, click Configure...
Score 58.0%
Mar 30 2016

Breeze Blur 0.1

QtCurve by vmorenomarin
A theme based in Breeze that invokes the blurred style. This fork is based on the work Brisa Qtcurve 1.6 by alesandromarkes Is required qtcurve-kf5 installed and you should have enabled the transparency and the blur in Desktop Effects. For installation, open System Settings > Widget Style...
Score 70.0%
Mar 29 2016

Aqua Lyon Dark 2.0

QtCurve by fapasv
Dark theme for QtCurve inspired in "El Capitan". Tested in KDE 5, includes the color scheme. Saludos!!
Score 58.0%
Mar 09 2016

Minimalistic Breeze Light Tone - QtCurve 1.0

QtCurve by hackan301
This is a continuation of my previous theme. A smooth light theme which is inspired by the PLasma theme Stone.The zip-archive contains the QtCurve preset and the KDE color Scheme. Note: This theme is made for KDE4 and for top screen menubars. Enjoy!
Score 58.0%
Mar 06 2016

Mediterranean MidNight QtCurve 1.0

QtCurve by fapasv
A qtCurve theme based in MediterraneanNight GTK theme, tested in KDE Plasma 5.4.3. This gz includes the color scheme. SALUDOS!!
Score 50.0%
Feb 25 2016

Brisa Qtcurve 1.6

QtCurve by alesandromarkes
Qtcurve theme with some changes of oficial Kubuntu Breeze.qtcurve to make it more similar of new plasma 5 theme for Kde 4.
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Score 75.5%
Feb 05 2016