Enemy Dark 1.0

QtCurve by fapasv
This is a qtcurve theme based on Windows 10 style but with some elements of Visual Studios Dark theme, so yes, its from the dark side. Gz includes the schema color and the the qtcurve file.Title font : Signerica Fat (not included)Icons Theme: Antü
4 .6
Feb 04 2016

SmoothX 0.1.2

QtCurve by babuphilip
This theme was created to best suit dark color scheme and was tested on Plasma 5, Kubuntu 15.04.Please feel free to comment or report bugs I will update the same.Thank you.I noticed trouble in downloading, if there is any please download directly from git.wget -c...
4 .6
Jan 30 2016

Jessie theme pack

QtCurve by Ghostdmn
Set includes qtcurve, color scheme, subject plasma, aurorae and over 2300 icons
5 .9
Jan 19 2016

KDE 5 look 3.0

QtCurve by schnelle
KDE 5 look from git/master:QtCurve theme,Gtk2/gtk3 theme,Aurorae window decorations,Color scheme,Icons,Wallpapers.Customized plasma theme.You can also use Amakage plasma theme from kde-look (looks like Breeze dark).All credits go to KDE devs/artists.Update:- Updated Plasma theme (added new...
6 .7
Jan 08 2016

El Capitan Mod 1.0

QtCurve by fapasv
QtCurved decoration resembling to El Capitan Os X. Windows configuration may need to be changed as:Title bar text paddin = -3pxTitle border padding = 0pxin Settings > Work space preferences > Windows Decoration.Color scheme included in zip.Happy New Year!!
7 .2
Jan 06 2016

Material 1

QtCurve by fapasv
QtCurve window decorations, simple and flat theme.You can use with Material color scheme.
7 .0
Dec 22 2015

Minimalistic Breeze KDE5 - QtCurve 2.0

QtCurve by hackan301
Continuation of my previous themes.This one is for Plasma 5 where we still do not have QtCurve window decorations, so it does its best to work together with the Breeze window decoration.The zip-archive contains the QtCurve theme and KDE color scheme.Try it out - Enjoy!
5 .8
Dec 20 2015

Darkroom qtcurve 1

QtCurve by MikeDK
Just a qtcurve theme Ive put together from turning a knob here and there through the qtcurve engine.Icons is FS-icons for ubuntu. look for them on launchpad.net. Plasma theme is TibannaUsed wallpaper get it here->http://www.darkwallz.com/2012/08/gothic-wallpaper-98-dark-gothic.html
5 .0
Dec 05 2015

Paper Breeze 1.0

QtCurve by hackan301
This theme needs you to use QtCurve window decoration as well, as far as I know KDE5 doesnt let you do this at the moment. So right now this theme is for people still on KDE4 :-pIncluded in the zip-archive is the QtCurve theme and the KDE Color Scheme.This theme uses graphics for painting...
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5 .0
Nov 12 2015

Usable Darkness QTCurve 0.1a

QtCurve by psychydyl
A modified version of the colour scheme Usable Darkness: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Usable+Darkness?content=162416with modifications of a Murrinish QtCurve widget style.
5 .0
Nov 02 2015