Qogir icon theme

Icon Themes by vinceliuice
This is a colorful and flat design icon theme with obvious borders. ---------- In order to provide a consistent experience across all desktops, I designed this theme to support all popular desktops. ---------- wish you guys like it! ------------------------- Supported desktops 1. Gnome2. Kde...
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13 hours ago

Citrus icon theme

Icon Themes by yeyushengfan258
Citrus Icon Theme A colorful Design circle icon theme for linux desktops
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17 hours ago

Marwaita Icons 3.5

Icon Themes by darkomarko42
Icon Pack for Marwaita theme New/updated Icons: 3.5 application-x-bittorrent transmission transmission-remote-gtk dconf-editor preferences-desktop-theme maps firefox firefox-trunk firefox-developer-icon multimedia-audio-player fix 16x16 folders and devices icons color
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1 day ago

OS Catalina 0.2.3

Icon Themes by zayronXIO
Please up vote or press the plus sign to show your support. born as a fork of "Mojave CT" and find the best imitation of macos catalina. in this new version all elements in png format have been removed, in order to provide a superior quality to that of "Mojave CT". In addition to the deletion...
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1 day ago

Cupertino iCons Collection 5.5

Icon Themes by umayanga
Cupertino iCons Collection for GNOME, KDE, elementaryOS and Deepin OS Cupertino: macOS like concept icon theme Cupertino-Catalina: macOS Mojave / macOS Catalina style icon theme Cupertino-Mobile: iOS 13 style icon theme Compatible with GNOME 3.34 (tested only on Ubuntu 19.10) Compatible with...
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1 day ago

Breeze KDE-Story-Light 1.0

Icon Themes by l4k1
Based on Default Breeze Icons, with elements from the Papirus Icon Theme (just some icons from the "Actions" folder) The Session icons (Lock, Logout, Switch User), as well as System Icons (Suspend, Hybernate, Reboot, Shut Down) have been changed.These icons and Folder icons are in...
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1 day ago

Solarized-TABS Icons and Folders 1.2.1

Icon Themes by rtl88
Introducing Solarized-Tabs Icons & Folders, colored in official Solarized hues - right off the official Solarized color palette. Choose from the flavors of Solarized-BlueTab, Solarized-GreenTab, Solarized-MagentaTab, Solarized-OrangeTab, Solarized-CyanTab, Solarized-VioletTab, and...
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Score 60.0%
1 day ago

Adwaita Breeze Icons

Icon Themes by freefreeno
Breeze icons made with the same colors as the Adwaita icons so to match the Adwaita KDE themes The screenshots will seem blurry unless you click them and enlarge to get a better view of the theme. This is the both the light and the dark icons. The color schemes are...
Score 50.0%
2 days ago

Abyss-Icon-Superpack 1.4..4

Icon Themes by rtl88
This is the brand new, dedicated, icon page for the popular Abyss-Complete-Desktop package. Abyss is a flat, dark-mode theme with a few transparent elements. Significantly, Abyss is built on a unique, wholly customized platform utilizing a careful blend of both Modern-Numix and Material Design...
Score 66.7%
2 days ago

Newaita 1.19

Icon Themes by Cybernix
Newaita icon theme is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Linux icon theme combining old style and color of material design. Arch linux Arch Linux users can find Newaita under the name newaita-icons-git in the AUR:$ aurman -S newaita-icons-git Special thanks to:btd1337 Jack-Holborn And many...
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2 days ago