Papirus 20190521

Icon Themes by x-varlesh-x
Papirus - it's free and open source SVG-based icon theme for Linux with material and flat style. All elements have clear distinction and outlines. Also main feature - it's jucy colors tone. Papirus support hardcode-tray script: https://github.com/bil-elmoussaoui/Hardcode-Tray/ Folder Color...
Rating: 7.5
11 hours ago


Icon Themes by vinceliuice
Tela Icon Theme A flat colorful Design icon theme You can use this theme on all popular desktops ------------------------------ Supported desktops 1. Gnome2. Kde Plasma3. Budgie4. Cinnamon5. Elementary Pantheon6. Xfce47. Mate... ------------------------------Github:...
Rating: 8.2
13 hours ago

OieIcons 0.202

Icon Themes by adhe
Oie, modern and colorful icons. An incremental project done for fun ;) , each week we will release a novelty for your Linux environment. Use with OieOxy folders :).
Rating: 7.5
19 hours ago

FF-BlackGreen 1.0

Icon Themes by felipefacundes
The FF-BlackGreen Theme is a dark theme based on the colors black and green. It is readable, dark and very attractive to the eye. For all the environment GTK, GTK2, GTK3, Cinnamon, Gnome, Gnome Shell, MATE, Deepin, XFCE, LXDE, Budgie, Metacity, Openbox and etc ... (FF - Felipe Facundes). O Tema...
Rating: 5.0
22 hours ago

Newaita RC

Icon Themes by Cybernix
Newaita icon theme is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Linux icon theme combining old style and color of material design. Arch linux Arch Linux users can find Newaita under the name newaita-icons-git in the AUR:$ aurman -S newaita-icons-git Special thanks to:btd1337 Jack-Holborn And many...
Rating: 7.8
1 day ago

Canta icon theme

Icon Themes by vinceliuice
Canta icons theme --------------------------Info -------------------------- This theme use numix-icon-theme-circle for Inherits so if you want a better experience you can install numix-circlenumix-icon-theme-circle :https://github.com/numixproject/numix-icon-theme-circle
Rating: 5.0
1 day ago

Qogir icon theme

Icon Themes by vinceliuice
This is a colorful and flat design icon theme with obvious borders. ---------- In order to provide a consistent experience across all desktops, I designed this theme to support all popular desktops. ---------- wish you guys like it! ------------------------- Supported desktops 1. Gnome2. Kde...
Rating: 8.0
1 day ago

N.I.B. 20190521

Icon Themes by ju1464
Nativity In Black (N.I.B.) is a dark icon theme in which black is mixed as a nexus of union with bright colors. It is primarily intended for use in lights themes, but may also work on darks as well.Installation: Extract file and copy/paste as root in /usr/share/icons/Information: Some icons are...
Rating: 7.3
1 day ago

Yaru Plus 1.0

Icon Themes by Magog64
A third-party Yaru++ icons for more than 20 distributionsAn elegant, flat and modern based on Yaru icons by Ubuntu/Canonical Developers✱ INSTALLING Please visit the README file at my GitHub respository.✱ REPORT AND REQUESTDO NOT report and request here. Request and report at my GitHub...
Rating: 5.0
2 days ago

Epsilon Icons 0.35

Icon Themes by assmarqandi
it's just a simple icon theme for a modern desktop. flat-style icon theme with a simple gradient effect, make it's look more fun but still great for light theme. I hope you guys like it. leave a comment for any icon request. installation : simply extract it to your icons directory.
Rating: 7.9
2 days ago