Dynamic Virtual Desktops 0.0.1

Kwin Scripts by rliang
Automatically adds/removes virtual desktops.
5 .8
Sep 16 2017

Hide Inactive Borders 0.1

Kwin Scripts by Jazqa
Hides the borders of inactive clients.
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5 .0
Aug 04 2017

GIMP to front 2.8

Kwin Scripts by Pierre4L
Simple KWin Rule. Raises GIMP window to front when opening an image in GIMP from the file manager or another source.Works on Plasma5 and likely under Plasma4 too since the text generated appears to be essentially the same.Note: This is merely a KWin Window Rule, not a KWin Script. See install...
5 .0
Feb 12 2017

Tile Chrome 1

Kwin Scripts by Zren
Automatically shift the chrome window to hide the addressbar when tiling to the top left/right, and optionally set "Always on Top" (off by default). Open the script's configuration to adjust the window to 50%/42%/33% screen width. You might need to increase the heights by 23px (and subtrack 23px...
6 .5
Dec 13 2016

Screen Snapping 5 1.0

Kwin Scripts by bobf
This is Thomas L├╝bking's "Screen Snapping" KWin script, now for KDE Plasma 5. A couple of new problems that appeared in KDE5 are fixed: configuration dialog works again, and newly-placed windows will be properly snapped (if applicable).Thomas's original description: "This overrides stock screen...
5 .0
Jun 29 2016

eQui-binds 1.0

Kwin Scripts by enno
This script combines quick tiling in all directions and moving windows over monitors into four simple binds for the directions up/down/left/right.Floating and maximized windows get tiled to the chosen direction just like regular quick tiling does it.The rest, though pretty straightforward, is...
5 .0
Feb 18 2016

Quick tile to center

Kwin Scripts by qwe12421
Similar to quick tiling to left / right, but places window in the middle of screen, width is changed to half of screen width if it was less.installation: 1. install with systemsettings or download archive, unpack it and execute in created directory as regular user: $ plasmapkg --type...
6 .9
Nov 27 2015

Only one active window 1.0

Kwin Scripts by karakum
Only one active window on desktop- When window restore from minimized state all other windows minimize automatically.- When window minimized previous active window restore.- Script dont apply for dialog and system windows.GitHub repo: https://github.com/karakum/kwin-script-onlyOneActiveWindow
7 .0
Sep 15 2015

No border on maximized windows 1.3

Kwin Scripts by tcat
Unfortunetly this feature is broken with Plasma 5. This simple script aims to do the job instead.GitHub repo: https://github.com/gtgt/kwin-script-noBorderOnMaximized/
6 .3
Sep 08 2015

True Video Wall 1.0

Kwin Scripts by zezinho
There is a nice script in KDE to create a video wall with several screens, but it is limited to several apps. This version allows every app to use all screens, I use it with flightgear and mpv.
5 .0
Aug 13 2015