Protect Porn Privacy 1.0

Kwin Scripts by thomas12777
Whenever you add a screen (eg. a projector), all windows (incl. your porn videos) are enforced to be on the primary screenhttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=296673
5 .3
Mar 25 2015

GameMode 0.2

Kwin Scripts by thomas12777
Simple scriplet which makes a definable list of windows block the compositor when they move into fullscreen mode (predefined are videoplayer, but it can be extended with games, sw. like celestia or stellarium ;-)The script does not have a config GUI - i'm not even sure that's supported atm. but...
6 .3
Feb 22 2015

Spam Transients 0.2

Kwin Scripts by thomas12777
Transient dialogs for minimized windows are kept minimized by default.The script instead unminimizes the main window as well.Workaround forhttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=339621
5 .0
Nov 18 2014

TIL3R 1.0

Kwin Scripts by causa-prima
TIL3R adds more manual tiling options to KWin. With this script you can divide you screen in thirds, using the full or half screen height.The following predefined shortcuts exist (and can be changed under system settings -> shortcuts -> global shortcuts -> kwin):Meta+Alt+1: Left third,...
5 .8
Jul 06 2014

Remember Last Desktop Per Activity 1

Kwin Scripts by iuploadmalware
all it does is it keeps a list of last desktop per activity, and switches current desktop to it after every activity change
5 .8
Apr 07 2014

Big Screen 1.3

Kwin Scripts by thomas12777
Feeling insufficient?If you install this, your Pen... errrr... Screen will become very large.It sort of implements the NETWM Large Desktop concept as exists in eg. fvwm.The active screen edges trigger a shift of "normal" windows, similar to "xrandr --panning", but the desktop etc. stay in place...
6 .3
Mar 08 2014

Screen Snapping 1.0

Kwin Scripts by thomas12777
NOTICE:-------------installation via GHNS won't get you the config dialog.Instead download the file and install it by plasmapkg -i screenSnapping.kwinscript -t kwinscript---This overrides stock screen snapping and snaps to the decoration directly (unlike snap-to-deco which fixes the...
5 .8
Feb 06 2014

Steady Screen 1.0

Kwin Scripts by thomas12777
Keeps windows attached to screen when the screen number (primary screen) or count (top/left adition) changes.ONLY TESTED ON DUAL SCREEN!Doesn't mean it will implode your 3rd and 4th screen, but i've no idea whether it will work as expected.--The preview is certainly a copyright violation, but i...
6 .2
Dec 14 2013


Kwin Scripts by fooblahblah
KWin script providing shortcut support for any app in the spirit of Visor, Yakuake, Guake, etc. Currently wired to use Terminal, but can be easily modified for other apps.
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6 .3
Nov 15 2013

Debug Clients 1.0

Kwin Scripts by thomas12777
Installs Meta+Ctrl+Alt+D as (configurable) shortcut and prints a list with information about all clients to debug out.WARNING: That is MUUUUUUCH text ;-)Debug out can be configured in "kdebugdialog --fullmode", KWin is component 1212 - redirect it to a file, rather than to a shell (Konsole...
5 .0
Oct 23 2013