MiniStack 0.1

Kwin Scripts by faho
Unminimize your windows from the last minimized to the first.Default keybinding "Meta+,".
5 .0
Oct 22 2013

Unminimize windows w/o taskbar entry 1.0

Kwin Scripts by thomas12777
The script automatically unminimizes non modal transients and windows that explicitly skip the taskbar after they've been minimized (and won't be accessible through the taskbar)Only interesting if you rely on1. a taskbar which2. only shows a subset of all windows (most, though)
5 .0
Oct 21 2013

Snap To Deco 1.1

Kwin Scripts by thomas12777
Moves a window that's < 10 out of the screen into screen bounds and assigns a shortcut (default Meta+Ctrl+s) to toggle between the original and the fixed position.The 10 is "hardcoded" (it's a script, you can just edit it and alter the value) for now, what is a bit hackish - required API...
5 .0
Oct 20 2013

Lower active window 0.1

Kwin Scripts by thomas12777
The script adds a shortcut to lower the active window without altering the focus (bug #255052)The standard lower alters the focus to the new top window because this is what most ppl. would assume, also because it allows for the alt+esc "inverse a+tltab" known from OtherOS™Technically the...
6 .5
Oct 10 2013

Raise Gimp 0.95

Kwin Scripts by Hmpf
KWin Script: When Gimp image window is activated raise toolbox and docks of Gimp. When image window is not active anymore toolbox and docks are lowered again.Note probably needs KDE 4.9 and higher due to API changes between 4.8 and 4.9. Installation instructions for scripts can be found at...
7 .6
Oct 02 2013

WorkFlow KWin Script 0.4.1

Kwin Scripts by Psifidotos
New Video v0.4.x: https://vimeo.com/62428523Video v0.3.x: https://vimeo.com/60116122-------This is an effort to create a KWin Script that integrates Activities, Virtual Desktops and Tasks Functionalities from Plasma Desktop in just one component. More information in the WorkFlow Project Page.Be...
7 .0
Mar 24 2013

Dock Window 0.2

Kwin Scripts by herrbatka
You need KDE > 4.9 to run this script.This script is made by luebking and Martin Gräßlin, not me!This script will move all minimized windows to the current desktop when desktop changes.Why?Some apps do not have option to be docked in the system tray, and honestly I would prefer to keep my...
6 .7
Nov 10 2012

Opacity Menu 1.0

Kwin Scripts by mgraesslin
Adds a menu to change window's opacity value to the user actions (Alt+F3) menuRequires KDE SC 4.10.
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6 .3
Oct 28 2012

Demands Attention Only on Current Deskto 1.0

Kwin Scripts by mgraesslin
Removes demands attention state for all windows not on the current desktop and restores the state when switching to that desktop.
5 .9
Oct 20 2012