My kde 4.6.1 1.0

KDE Plasma Screenshots by grawcho
Score 53.3%
Mar 13 2011

OilRush Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Meamu
This is my current Desktop mostly a default KDE desktop with a few useful widgets (CPU, RSS, pastebin, notes, kopete (ICQ, MSN, Jabber and Skype contacts)). The Wallpaper is a screenshot of OilRush, a game which is still in beta but is already available for linux (native) and has amazing grafics...
Score 50.0%
Mar 13 2011

regular 0.1

KDE Plasma Screenshots by scatterzone
created with tab stacking on KDE 4.6 indeed very useful to unclutter widgets
Score 50.0%
Mar 12 2011

Android 2.2 themed as KDE SC 4.6 1.0

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Fri13
Android 2.2 themed as KDE SC 4.6 Used home screen (desktop) application is Adw.Launcher what is open source. Then copied KDE SC 4.6 icons from /usr/share/icons/oxygen/64x64/ to MicroSD card and from there manually setting every wanted icon to corresponding apps on desktop. Official KDE SC 4.6...
Score 67.1%
Feb 18 2011

Angel\'s Forest

KDE Plasma Screenshots by bicyclingrevolution
KDE 4.5 Blurring Air plasma theme with Lancelot menu and Smooth Tasks Bespin window widget MIB-Ossigeno icons Window Border is a deKorator theme I made, based on VictorR's Neutrino 5.3 Emerald theme
Score 63.3%
Feb 11 2011

Graphitech Beta 0.9

KDE Plasma Screenshots by frag
My new theme for KDE4 Colors: Graphitech http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=138478 QtCurve: Graphitech http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=138479 Icons: Iceglass 2.0.2 http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Iceglass?content=121145 Dekorator: Graphitech...
Score 70.0%
Feb 09 2011

Screen Shot Dec. 20101

KDE Plasma Screenshots by adsicks
Screen Shot of KDE with Daisy, and the Activity Bar. Font is Orbitron...
Score 50.0%
Dec 16 2010

KDE Activities Screenshots

KDE Plasma Screenshots by adsicks
3 Activities I use in my KDE 4 sessions...enjoy!!!
Score 58.0%
Nov 29 2010


KDE Plasma Screenshots by rezz
I always liked KDE 3 but KDE 4 is growing on me. I run linux 90% of the time and occasionally boot into windows vista the difference between the 2 OS's is no comparison! KDE runs faster and uses less resources then windows hands down.My wife needs vista for quickbooks aside from that windows...
Score 67.1%
Oct 28 2010
Score 58.0%
Oct 06 2010