Debian + cairo dock 1

Plasma/KDE Screenshots by GoblinASZ
Score 58.0%
May 28 2012

Aspire 2 1

Plasma/KDE Screenshots by wasimiqbal2007
Score 50.0%
May 17 2012

Slackware & KDE 4.8.2

Plasma/KDE Screenshots by Moonka
My Slackware Linux with KDE 4.8.2 -_-
Score 67.1%
May 03 2012

Mageia 2 beta3

Plasma/KDE Screenshots by F1L0
Score 58.0%
Apr 21 2012

my screenshot 0

Plasma/KDE Screenshots by bretzel
The theme. This is by far the best qtcurve theme I've found : [li]full flat[/li]:http://kde-look.org/content/show.phpfull+flat?content=150037 I've changed menu text color and acitve window-title to (pastel-)red. Then inactive window-title to (pastel-)blue. Plasma theme is...
Score 58.0%
Apr 19 2012

Projekt Dark

Plasma/KDE Screenshots by hayalci
After using light colored desktops for my entire life, I gave dark desktops a try. Looks good! desktop theme: produkt color scheme: produkt decoration: oxygen (with orange glow) icons: monochrome firefox theme: FT Deep Dark splash screen: simple editor color scheme: darK
Score 50.0%
Apr 06 2012

Caledonia everywhere 1.0

Plasma/KDE Screenshots by kim42
Today I thought of making a screenshot of my current desktop. So, here it is. Some useful details: * kubuntu 11.10, KDE 4.7.4 * wallpaper: Glaze from Caledonia Official Wallpapers * KDE interface and window decorations style: Oxygen, of course * color scheme: Caledonia Color Scheme * icons:...
Score 63.3%
Mar 02 2012

Sleek desktop of my Linux Mint KDE 12 1.0

Plasma/KDE Screenshots by akapribot
Simple and sleek desktop of my Linux Mint 12 KDE version.
Score 63.3%
Feb 23 2012

My KDE Desktop 0.1

Plasma/KDE Screenshots by DenisDenisov
My Kubuntu 11.10... Feel free to ask for more detailed explanations.
Score 58.0%
Feb 20 2012

Qtcurve bugged... and it\'s nice !

Plasma/KDE Screenshots by Moviuro
This is what happened after I set up App theme to bespin and then back to QtCurve. I find it absolutely awesome ! Please, someone tell me how to keep this this way, since it disappears when I close the systemsettings window.... Or perhaps QtCurve will soon be able to do this ^^ See ya!
Score 50.0%
Jan 22 2012