Kanji Memo Game 0.1

Education Apps by kirotawa
A simple memory game about kanjis.Just run it with qmlviewer or python kanjimemogame.py (if you go run with python you will need to install PySide)
5 .0
May 17 2011

TSP Solver and Generator v0.1 (beta 2)

Education Apps by leppa
TSPSG is intended to generate and solve Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) tasks. It uses Branch and Bound method for solving. An input is a number of cities and a matrix of city-to-city travel prices. The matrix can be populated with random values in a given range (useful for generating tasks)....
5 .0
May 04 2011

SolSeeK 0.9b

Education Apps by madpenguin8
**For a limited time get the iPhone/iPod Touch version for free at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/isolseek/id395321191?mt=8 *SolSeeK is a Kicker applet for viewing realtime images of the Sun provided by the SOHO satellite and several other sources.
5 .8
Apr 24 2011

Qonjugator 0.17

Education Apps by glad
Qonjugator is software which allows the user to conjugate verbs in different languages. Its components are:a library which loads the conjugation plugins for the different languages and which does the actual conjugation;a GUI in which the user can conjugate verbs, the GUI uses the library;a CLI...
5 .8
Apr 13 2011

Konjue 0.4.0

Education Apps by ppareit
Program to conjugate and deconjugate french verbs.Install:- Verbiste is needed to compile and run konjue, you can get verbiste from http://www3.sympatico.ca/sarrazip/dev/verbiste.html. Available on that site are the source for verbiste and rpms of verbiste for rpm based systems.- Once verbiste...
5 .0
Mar 31 2011

Parley Sentence Generator 0.2

Education Apps by alsaf
This is a Python script that generates simple sentences from .kvtml files. These sentences can then be copied and pasted into Parley (changing it settings so that import separator character is ;It is meant to be a 'workaround' for the following idea which I hope to implement once I get my coding...
5 .8
Mar 28 2011

Klavaro 1.9.0

Education Apps by felipo
Klavaro is touch typing tutor, intending to be keyboard and language independent.
5 .8
Mar 27 2011

SchoolMentor 1.0

Education Apps by Softigation
SchoolMentor 1.0Refresh your knowledge or test others with SchoolMentor!To redact your own questions go to the instalation directory, open the folder Softigation-Databaseand redact the file Questions.xml.Each question has this format:< Question number='1' type='SingleChoice' >Who was Leo...
5 .0
Mar 01 2011

Ubuntu Tips Applet 0.1.2

Education Apps by sagod
Ubuntu Tips Applet shows useful tips with fortunes-ubuntu-server package using notify.You can see tips by select item in the applet menu or you can set refresh time for showing tips in the Notification.
6 .3
Jan 25 2011

KLAVAR! 0.9.1

Education Apps by marcomas2000
KLAVAR! is porting to MS Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux a graphic music sequencer/notation program based on the easy-to-read KLAVAR music notation (no flats, no sharps and no difficult bits!) It was originally written in GFA Basic for the Atari ST.The project is hosted on SourceForge. The...
4 .6
Jan 25 2011