Open CL Tools 0.25

Education Apps by froksen
Short description-------A small program for use with the teaching method "Cooperative Learning" (Aka. Kagan) from Dr. Spencer Kagan (http://www.kaganonline.com/index.php).It currently contains a number of tools that can be useful when using this teaching method.Note: This program is not in any...
5 .8
Dec 21 2014

Calculatrice PyGtk 0.0.4

Education Apps by nexus66
Calculatrice PyGtk is a basic Calculator developped with Python 3 and PyGObject.You may need Python3 to run it.
5 .8
Nov 05 2014

Qtnp 2.0.0-beta

Education Apps by Hackeridze
Qtnp - Cute Noob Painter - is programm for mathphysics teachers and students. Made for Kiselyova Natalya (skype: natali180861)Project needs translators!Qtnp's benefits:Supported Languages: English, Russian(Русский)Can draw grids, coordinate planes and graphics on itFlexible...
6 .3
Jun 06 2014

QtSlovnik 0.0.9

Education Apps by ppeta
Dictionary [strike]supporting xdxf format[/strike], inspired by SimpleDict. You can edit words. Here are dictionaries: [strike]http://disk.jabbim.cz/[email protected][/strike]https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BypI44wLi4FeYm15MmJuQ09ReHc&usp=sharingTODO* [strike]faster dictionaries...
5 .8
May 25 2014

Qtranslate online 0.1a

Education Apps by admsasha
The program translates a text by using online translation services, so you need an Internet connection.Translate over: - google Translator (required key) - Yandex - Prompt - Microsoft Translator (required key)p.s. This is a pilot version. If anyone needs it, then I will continue to develop.
5 .0
May 03 2014

Turing Simulator 1.0

Education Apps by zxmarcos
This is a turing machines simulator. I wrote this simulator for Theory of Computation class and I hope it helps other people to understand how these machines work.The language of UI is portuguese (Brazil), but it is very easy to use. Has support to save/load and formalize the machine description.
5 .0
Apr 21 2014

QtBinaryTree 1.0

Education Apps by nuves
This application helps you visualy create sorted binary trees. Thisk will be helpful for students. This programm is remake of QTreeViewer ported for new versions of Qt
5 .0
Feb 03 2014

lekture 0.1 alpha

Education Apps by orestes1965
Lekture is an application intended to ease the making of educational, screencast-based videos like the ones you can find on khan academy (http://khanacademy.org)It provides a blackboard area where user can write on with color chalks. A "REC" button creates a video of the blackboard area with an...
7 .6
Sep 02 2013

elEment 1.0

Education Apps by michaelM
elEment is an interactive periodic table of elements.Features include Individual information on each element,trends across the periodic table and more
4 .6
Aug 08 2013

TechnologyBasic Desktop App 1.0

Education Apps by mashpy
A special gratitude I give to our assistant professor, MR. MRINAL KANTI BAOWALY, whose contribution in stimulating suggestions and encouragement, helped me to complete this project.Our project is building a desktop application of www.technologybasic.com Our aim is to design and develops an...
5 .0
May 08 2013