openBibleViewer 0.7.0

Education Apps by metaxy
openBibleViewer is a bible study tool.Features:* reading ZenfaniaXML-Modules* over 180 ZenfaniaXML-Modules available via the Moduledownloader* reading BibleQuote-Modules* over 200 BibleQuote-Modules available* reading TheWord-Modules* Search* Sessions* MDI-Interface* Notes* Marks* Bookmarks*...
6 .3
Jan 08 2012

Depot 2.0 (beta)

Education Apps by smitt64
==============================Windows: depends on Qt 4.7.4, MinGW 4.4==============EN==============The software for automation of monitoring of key theoretical knowledge of the studentThe developed program complex has following lines:·Is simple in use and it is calculated on the user who does...
5 .0
Oct 29 2011

GSTranslator 0.3.2

Education Apps by thof
GSTranslator - is a simple translator for Gnome 3.Translations are provided using several dictionaries/translators like:- Google Translate (almost all languages are supported, although I tested only a few European languages),- OneLook Dictionary,- SJP (Polish Dictionary).GSTranslator works in...
6 .3
Oct 24 2011

Colin 0.1.8

Education Apps by matti42
Colin is a structural analysis application with a lightweight Interface.It has been developed by civil engineering students at the university of Innsbruck as an unofficial project. The idea was to create an easy to use structural analysis software for students, in order to provide an easier way...
7 .0
Oct 15 2011

QStrange 1.0

Education Apps by ultimatet
Qt Strange Attractor Function visualizer. This app implements the Pickover attractor.
5 .0
Sep 25 2011

gEpoch 1.6

Education Apps by nikolakn
Useful and easy to use timeline management tool. The time scale is accurate in the range from 1sec to several million years. Events can be positioned absolutely or relatively linked to another era.
5 .0
Aug 11 2011

Linguarium 1.0.5

Education Apps by Marmar
This dictionary is a beta version for the ancient languages​​. Act as a base file sqlite3 some vocabularies which, however, must be downloaded separately. It can also create new vocabularies automatically. You can add, edit and delete words.The dictionaries must be unzipped in the folder...
7 .0
Jul 25 2011

M-Croises 2011.07.07

Education Apps by PapaJaac
M-Croises is an application that stays in system tray. It helps French crosswords players to find words when they know a few letters.7 different dictionaries available : French, German, Italian, English, Spanish + non-official Scrabble (fr + es)The French integrated dictionary contains 37192+...
5 .0
Jul 18 2011

MatrixCalc 0.1

Education Apps by bulbahol
It is matrices calculator. It has next features:- calculation of matrices sum and difference;-transpose matrix;-calculation of matrices product;-calculation of square matrix determinant;-convert matrix to echelon form;-convert matrix to diagonal form;-calculation inverse matrix;-powering of...
5 .8
May 30 2011

GNGT 1.0.2

Education Apps by Lawand
German Noun Gender Trainer (GNGT) is a small application which helps German learners memorize genders of German nouns through memorizing their corresponding definite articles (der, die or das).NOTE: this qt-apps page for GNGT won't be updated in the future. If you want to stay up-to-date with...
5 .8
May 28 2011