PictureFlow 0.1.0

Qt Widgets by ariya
PictureFlow is a Qt2/Qt3/Qt4/Qtopia4 widget to display images with animated transition effect, much like Apple's Cover Flow (used among others in iTunes, Finder, iPhone, and iPod). PictureFlow uses a portable and optimized software renderer and runs smoothly on smartphones and other mobile...
6 .7
Feb 15 2008

QLedMatrix 0.6

Qt Widgets by siliziumm
The QLedMatrix widget simulates a LED matrix (dot matrix) display.A LED matrix display is a 2-dimensional array of dots used to generate characters, symbols and images. It is often seen on machines, clocks and display boards.This generic implementation can configured for any size of rows...
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Mar 17 2009

Native Quick Widgets 0.1

Qt Widgets by djworld
Native Quick Widgets is a QML extension written in C++ as well as a set of QML items based on it. By using them, you can have QML items that have the same look as the native widgets of the platform your application runs in.Thus your users won't be able to notice whether they are real widgets or...
5 .8
Jan 07 2011

WindowMenu 0.1

Qt Widgets by upsala
A simple Window-Menu, tested with Qt4.4Features:- Shows a menu with all ToolBars.- Shows a menu with all Dock-Widgets- Lists up to 10 Sub-Windows of a QMdiArea - Shows a dialog where you can access all widgets of a QMdiArea, if there are more then 10 Sub-Windows- The user can close, rearrange...
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Jan 06 2010

MenuView 0.1

Qt Widgets by upsala
A Menu-View, tested with Qt4.4 With MenuView it is possible to display a Model like QDirModel as a QMenu.The MenuView has 2 signals:void triggered(const QModelIndex &);void hovered(const QModelIndex &);which works like the same signals of QAction, but here are the QModelIndex of the...
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Jan 07 2010

Virtual Piano Keyboard 0.9

Qt Widgets by plcl
Virtual Piano Keyboard (Qt Designer plugin)This is only a component (a widget), not a full program. If you want a real program made with it, please see:http://www.qt-apps.org/content/show.php/Virtual+MIDI+Piano+Keyboard?content=88233
6 .3
Sep 25 2010

Virtual Keyboard 2018.02

Qt Widgets by AlterX
*** THE MOST USED KEYBOARD FOR FREE AND COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS ***A component to easily add virtual keyboards for touch-screen applicationsVirtual Keyboard for touch-screen devices written in C/C++ Qt, compatible for Qt 4.x and 5.x The widget works with QLineEdit, but you can modify it for your...
5 .8
Feb 19 2018

Qt Generic Compass (contribution to Qt framework) Qt 5.x

Qt Widgets by AlterX
Generic compass depends on having a default accel, gyro and mag sensor. Tested under android, Sailfish OS and linux desktop; all other operating systems are not officially tested.Check it out on real app: http://www.softairrealfight.net
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Feb 01 2018

QPropertyEditor 0.3

Qt Widgets by Volki
This small library is used to be a lightweight method to allow the graphical editing of properties defined via the Q_PROPERTY macro. It can be easily extended for custom datatypes. In the zip archiv a Sample Application is included that contains a custom property for a vector with three floating...
5 .8
Sep 28 2008

Apng Video Frame Label 0.3

Qt Widgets by patrik08
Label to display frame fromAnimated Portable Network Graphics APNG like a Movie.And is able to capture movie frame from screen.The webcam support to MingW compiler run only on whit patch ...https://qt-webdav.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qt-webdav/webcam_qt4_demo_mingw/readme.txt other compiler...
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Jun 04 2008