Qt Generic Compass (contribution to Qt framework) Qt 5.x

Qt Widgets by AlterX
Generic compass depends on having a default accel, gyro and mag sensor. Tested under android, Sailfish OS and linux desktop; all other operating systems are not officially tested.Check it out on real app: http://www.softairrealfight.net
5 .0
Feb 01 2018

Pardus Project - Virtual Keyboard 0.3.2

Qt Widgets by yunusem
eta-keyboardQt virtual KeyboardIt is an advanced virtual keyboard based on x11 keycode relations and server-client programming for UNIX like systems. Major Features are:* Floating* Fast* Ability to change system wide keyboard layout* dbus interface can be reached in session* a11y support with...
Debian (.deb)
6 .0
Oct 18 2017

QtitanChart Charts for Qt 5.1

Qt Widgets by BigZ1
QtitanChart is a C++ library that represents a set of controls that allow you to quickly and easily provide your application with beautiful and colorful diagrams. QtitanChart is implemented on Qt.C++ and supports all major desktop operation systems - Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. To add...
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5 .0
Sep 28 2017

QtitanDataGrid advanced Grid for Qt v5.10

Qt Widgets by BigZ1
Qtitan DataGrid is a unique data grid library (Qt third-party widget) for Nokia-Qt that offers functionality and development comfort of the same level as in its .NET and Delphi counterparts. At the moment, this is the only grid component on the market with such an impressive array of advanced...
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5 .8
Sep 28 2017

QtitanRibbon Microsoft RibbonUI and Office Styles for Qt 4.13

Qt Widgets by BigZ1
This component implements the concept of Microsoft Ribbon UI for Nokia's Qt. Component is made with strict adherence to Ribbon UI specification from Microsoft. The QtitanRibbon product allows you to quickly implement the concept of Ribbon UI in your application for three platforms - Windows,...
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5 .2
Sep 28 2017


Qt Widgets by zebulon75018
This widget provide a widget of a IOS Keyboard Like. When the user click a virtual key an other window appear with the letter pressed.
5 .0
Sep 20 2017

page flip 0.4

Qt Widgets by lgao
The simulation page flip.contains libs:1、Window-qt5.6-x862、Mac-qt5.3-x643、Ubuntu14.04-qt5.3-x86
5 .0
Sep 14 2017

QLed 0.6.2

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QLed is a Led custom widget plugin for Qt Designer 4.xIt requires Qt library 4.xIt allows to choose among Circle, Square, Triangle, RoundRect shapes and also allows to choose among Red,Green,Yellow,Orange,Purple,Blue on-colors. Off color is Grey.
6 .3
Sep 05 2017

QMarkdownTextEdit 17.04.0

Qt Widgets by pbe78
QMarkdownTextEdit is a Qt C++ QTextEdit widget with markdown support and some other goodies.## Features- markdown highlighting- clickable links with `Ctrl + Click`- block indent with `Tab` and `Shift + Tab`- duplicate text with `Ctrl + Alt + Down`- searching of text with `Ctrl + F` - jump...
6 .3
May 23 2017

QMeter 1.0

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QMeter is a custom widget for Qt Creator. QMeter can be used directly from Qt Creator to display values using the "Promote To" function in the designer.
6 .7
Nov 03 2016