QMLWidgets 0.1.0

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QML custom widgets
5 .0
Nov 03 2016

QtWidgets 0.1.0

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QtWidgets are custom widgets for Qt Creator. All widgets can be promoted in QtCreator designer window.
5 .8
Nov 02 2016

Table header view , RbTableHeaderView 0.8.1

Qt Widgets by pzesseto
RbTableHeaderView is the header view has a Table Model based on the QHeaderView.You can easy write a Header view based on table using interface like setSpan().The RbTableHeaderView is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License...
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5 .0
Sep 11 2016

tolerance Bar 1.1.0

Qt Widgets by laiju
an input control
5 .0
Jun 08 2016

SkyplotWidget 2.0.0

Qt Widgets by feddischson
A simple skyplot widget to display a satellite constellation.Features: - Satellites can be added/removed dynamically - A Satellite can have a label - Two colours can be set for a Satellite (circle-colour and ring-colour) - A satellite can blink - A satellite can be painted...
6 .7
Jan 24 2016

Qt circular gauge widget 1.0

Qt Widgets by Tahar
QcGauge is a C++ Qt circular gauge custom widget, for instrumentation, and real time data measurement visualization, no SVG is needed, The widget is straightforward and easy to use , and implement in a Qt application, it’s very customize-able , you can change the number of degrees...
6 .3
Dec 18 2015

QSint Widgets Collection 0.2.2

Qt Widgets by sintegrial
QSint is a opensource collection of Qt widgets which can be used while developing own Qt-based applications.
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6 .7
Nov 17 2015

qwtplot3d 0.3.1 (build 322)

Qt Widgets by sintegrial
A popular 3d plotting widget library for Qt.This distribution includes the latest unofficial version (0.3.1) which provides some performance improvements and new plotter types (Volume Plot).Please note: Sintegrial Technologies is NOT a developer of QwtPlot3D! Please use the official forum at...
5 .0
Nov 04 2015

JKQtPlotter 1

Qt Widgets by jkriege2
This is an extensive library of function/data plotter classes for Qt (>= 4.7, tested with Qt up to 5.4).The library supports the following features (not complete):* publication-quality scientific plots* highly customizable plotting engine* many predefined plot types (line-graphs,...
5 .0
Aug 03 2015

QRoundProgressBar 0.1.1

Qt Widgets by sintegrial
QRoundProgressBar - a circular progress bar Qt widget.
6 .3
May 27 2015