ExpanderWidget 1

Qt Widgets by DanielSeges
Gtk-like expander widget plugin for Qthttps://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/GtkExpander.html
5 .0
Feb 28 2014

DMSNavigation 1

Qt Widgets by thelostcode
The DMS Navigation widget implements a beautiful tab widget alternative for Qt. The widget is implemented as Qt Widget and not QML.I use this widget in a private project and decided to publish it beacuase it looks beautiful.
5 .8
Feb 24 2014

AnalogWidgets 257

Qt Widgets by 3electrons
This project is the result of writing a few applications by my small firm www.3electrons.com ScriptWidget still is compiling but not supported anymore - use QtQuick instead. If you like those components - please visit http://www.3electrons.com/www/en/news/16.htmland consider donation.
7 .3
Feb 07 2014

QLightBoxWidget 0.1

Qt Widgets by dimkanovikov
QLightBoxWidget is the Qt desktop widget analog javascript LightBox.
5 .8
Dec 13 2013

Simple Object Inspector 0.0

Qt Widgets by Fregloin
My simple object inspector. Free to use and modification. All wishes and proposition you can sent to may email.Can change properties for multiple objects.
5 .0
Dec 10 2013

Button Styler 0.1.0

Qt Widgets by yagabey
ButtonStyler is a simple application to create artistic stylesheets for QPushButtons. After you decide on color and look of your PushButton, it creates the stylesheet script for you.
6 .7
Dec 07 2013

ImageCropper 0.1

Qt Widgets by dimkanovikov
Widget than can help you to crop images.
5 .0
Sep 02 2013

QKeySequenceWidget 1.0.1

Qt Widgets by DOOMer
The QKeySequenceWidget is a widget to input a QKeySequence. This widget lets the user choose a QKeySequence, which is usually used as ashortcut key. The recording is initiated by calling captureKeySequence() orthe user clicking into the widget. The QKeySequenceWidget is based on code...
5 .8
Jul 04 2013

GridView 1.0

Qt Widgets by dridk
GridView is a simple widget to show a Grid. You can define columnCount, rowCount et cellSize. You can also switch a cell to a different color, and select one. Mouse is supported, and GridView return cellClicked signals.
6 .3
Apr 10 2013

OpenChart 0.4

Qt Widgets by 0thefox0
Chart widget based on Qt 4.8.xCome in form of a QtCreator/Designer plugin.Based on NigthCharts (http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/NightCharts%28Draw+Charts%29?content=132560)
7 .0
Mar 25 2013