System up time 1

Qt Widgets by msn4eg
show the system up time ,the PC opened since !!!Please send us Feed-Back
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Sep 16 2010

QtTimer 0.2

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QtTimer is a custom widget plugin for Qt Designer. It generates time events from 1 mS to 999 S.QtTimer can be used directly from Qt Designer to provide a time scale for other widgets.QtTimr, together with QSwitch and QLed are a first prototype experiment to see if it is possible to use Qt...
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Jul 25 2010

QSwitch 0.3

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QSwitch is a binary switch custom widget plugin for Qt Designer 4.XMore details on www.sereno-online.com
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Jul 25 2010

QPhoneButton 0.1.0

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QPhoneButton is a pushbutton suitable for phone keypads. It allows color selection, label definition and uses color gradient to emulate a nice 3D effect.Future release will allow some drawings inside (for example to draw VCR icons).
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Jul 25 2010

QGauge 0.2.0 beta

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QGauge is a custom widget plugin able to display values (int or double) and to check the data against a threshold.This custom widget plugin is in beta version. The next version will be delivered together with other custom widget plugins (QLed, QSwitch, QMeter, QtTimer) in a specific library.The...
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Jul 25 2010

wwWidgets 0.9.9

Qt Widgets by wysota
wwWidgets is a professional set of useful widgets for Qt 4. It consists of several different widgets that are either enhanced versions of widgets bundled with Qt or completely new ones that implement functionality not available in Qt including custom multipage container widgets that can hold...
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Jul 09 2010

InfinityEnabledSpinBox 1.1.0

Qt Widgets by softnhard
DGInfSpinBox is an special QDoubleSpinBox capable of handling Infinity values. It combines QDoubleSpinBox with two check boxeswhich will be used as -Infinity and +Infinity. The widget will parse input values to choose either check one of the checkboxesor show the value in the DoubleSpinbox. Also...
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Jun 06 2010

QLedIndicator 0.1.1

Qt Widgets by tnq
Simple LED indicator, very similar to KLed, but without KDE dependencies and with 2-color gradient. Widget subclasses QAbstractButton offering button functions. Included demo (screenshot) shows how to use it.Qt Designer plugin included. Color properties supported.
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Jan 19 2010

QDisplay 1.0.1

Qt Widgets by mantur
Very simple widget to display numbers in seven segment or nixie style.The created display is built with real images and not with synthetic images, in my opinion, this enhances the perception of the display itself.The display format is specified with a string like ####.## but also string like...
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Jan 14 2010

MenuView 0.1

Qt Widgets by upsala
A Menu-View, tested with Qt4.4 With MenuView it is possible to display a Model like QDirModel as a QMenu.The MenuView has 2 signals:void triggered(const QModelIndex &);void hovered(const QModelIndex &);which works like the same signals of QAction, but here are the QModelIndex of the...
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Jan 07 2010