QSerialDevice 2.0

Qt Components by kuzulis
So, announces release: QSerialDevice 2.0 QSerialDevice – cross-platform library for serial devices based on Qt4. Release 2.0 will be the last for the library QSerialDevice. Recently the project (2.0 branch) has been accepted into Qt as an addon (renamed to QtSerialPort), therefore, the...
Rating: 7.7
Mar 15 2012

SingleApplication 1.0

Qt Components by xep
The SingleApplication component provides support for applications that can be only started once per user. For some applications it is useful or even critical that they are started only once by any user. Future attempts to start the application should activate any already running instance, and...
Rating: 7.3
Nov 29 2008

QtDockTile 1.0beta

Qt Components by sauron1987
Using issue of docks on desktops today become more and more popular. There is at least 3 popular solutions of this issue: MacOS Dock, Windows 7 taskbar and Unity launchers from Ubuntu. Also there is icon tasks in KDE 4.8. Looking at this, there is a need to cross-platform library for the work...
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Rating: 7.5
Feb 03 2012

QJson 0.8.1

Qt Components by micron
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It can represents integer, real number, string, an ordered sequence of value, and a collection of name/value pairs. QJson is a qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects: JSON arrays will be mapped to...
Rating: 7.3
Nov 27 2012

QOAuth 1.0.1

Qt Components by ayoy
QOAuth is an attempt to support interaction with OAuth-powered network services in a Qt way, i.e. simply, clearly and efficiently. It gives the application developer no more than 4 methods, namely: * requestToken() – to obtain an unauthorized Request Token, * accessToken() – to exchange...
Rating: 7.1
Aug 01 2010

QyurSqlTreeView 0.93

Qt Components by purser79
The QyurSqlTreeView class is deprecated. Use QyurTreeProxyModel instead. The QyurSqlTreeView class provides simple Qt4 widget for creating hierarchical editable view from single database table.
Rating: 7.1
Sep 02 2017

Qtilities Libraries 1.4

Qt Components by JPNaude
Qtilities is a set of well documented and mature Qt C++ libraries which provides building blocks for Qt applications, allowing rapid application development. The project consists of different modules which provide features which are common to a wide range of Qt applications, with the main goal...
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Rating: 7.1
Jun 14 2013

QFreeDesktopMime 1.0.1

Qt Components by mbertozzi
QFreeDesktopMime is a Qt4 class for determining the MIME type of files using FreeDesktop Specification.
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Rating: 7.0
Aug 03 2008

QyurVisualSqlFilter 0.90

Qt Components by purser79
The QyurVisualSqlFilter class provides simple Qt4 widget for creating sql with advanced conditions.
Rating: 7.0
Sep 02 2017

QtSystemInfo 0.9.0

Qt Components by adrian5632
QtSystemInfo is a useful class that provides information on the currently running system (like system type, name and version, kernel name and version). It's been tested on Windows XP, Mac OS X, Ubuntu and PCBSD. Should work with most popular Linux distributions.
Rating: 6.8
Mar 30 2010