Fancy Virtual Keyboard 19

Qt Components by 3electrons
Virtual keyboard done with Qt 4.x and QtQuick when it was in beta. Does work as onscreen keyboard under Windows - does not work with X11 (empty implementation). Key remmaping code found somwhere on the net.
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Feb 07 2014

QOAuth 1.0.1

Qt Components by ayoy
QOAuth is an attempt to support interaction with OAuth-powered network services in a Qt way, i.e. simply, clearly and efficiently. It gives the application developer no more than 4 methods, namely: * requestToken() – to obtain an unauthorized Request Token, * accessToken() – to exchange...
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Aug 01 2010

VersionNumber 1.1

Qt Components by sommerluk
A data type for version numbers. This class provides a data type for version numbers. Think of it as a QString which provides special behavior for version numbers in the six relational operators (=, ==, !=). The behavior of the relational operators is similar to the behavior of RPM when...
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May 15 2010

QDeviceWatcher 2.0.0

Qt Components by wangbin
You can detect the hotplug events easily. It also can detect cd/dvd add/remove events. Just need QtCore module. It works fine on linux and windows. I have tested on my ubuntu and win7. Usually you just need the signals deviceAdded(const QString& device) and deviceRemoved(const QString&...
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Mar 08 2012

Link Label 1.0

Qt Components by bloodshadow
Class is a thin wraper above QLabel Class can be used in mail clients, in QStakedWidget where many pages or content can take place. Class has one interfase - ISetMaxLinkNumber(int) where you can define maximal number of pages in your link list. And class emits signal linkPressed(int) with...
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Jun 12 2011

QGitHubReleaseAPI 0.7 (alpha)

Qt Components by HeikoSchfer
Qt library to receive release information from the GitHub APIBinaries [li]Debian 7 (Qt4): http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/velnias/Debian_7.0/[/li] [li]Debian 8 (Qt5): http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/velnias/Debian_8.0/[/li] [li]Ubuntu PPA:...
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Aug 19 2015

WidgetModel 0.1

Qt Components by upsala
A simple Widget-Model, tested with Qt4.4 This is a ListModel where you can add your Widgets. The Title, Icon, ToolTip, StatusTip and WhatsThis from the widgets are translated to roles of the Model. If editing is enabled the user can edit the Title of the Widgets. If a widget is deleted, it is...
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Jan 06 2010

Qt5Gtk2 0.6

Qt Components by trialuser
Qt5Gtk2 - GTK+2.0 integration plugins for Qt5Requirements - GNU Linux or FreeBSD - qtbase >= 5.7.0 (with private headers) - GKT+ 2.0 - libX11Downloadshttps://bitbucket.org/trialuser02/qt5gtk2/downloads
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Dec 11 2018

QtBasic 1.0.0

Qt Components by mantur
QtBasic: a simple basic interpreter with Qt influences. It’s quite difficult (and not very smart) to impose its own priorities onto a client. By this I mean that the devices I build require the writing of a script in order to realize small automations according to necessity. Javascript is my...
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Oct 11 2012

CustomizableHeaderView 1.0

Qt Components by urwald
An enhaced QHeaderView providing a context menu where the user can choose which rows/columns to display and which not. Each time a context menu is requested by the user, a new context menu is created with the actual data (column/row header names and maybe a menu title). This class uses by...
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Nov 21 2009