icXmlSerializable 1.0.1

Qt Components by ralmeida
icXmlSerializable is a library to serialize/deserialize Qt Objects to/from xml. You can serialize/deserialize your custom Qt objects with only a few lines of code. Includes a Demo App with examples. To try: git clone git://github.com/ralmeida4381/icXmlSerializable.git cd...
Rating: 5.0
Sep 30 2011

Link Label 1.0

Qt Components by bloodshadow
Class is a thin wraper above QLabel Class can be used in mail clients, in QStakedWidget where many pages or content can take place. Class has one interfase - ISetMaxLinkNumber(int) where you can define maximal number of pages in your link list. And class emits signal linkPressed(int) with...
Rating: 6.0
Jun 12 2011

Class for sending mail 1.0

Qt Components by bloodshadow
This class may be used for sending mail via smtp-server with authorization and with ssl protection or no. Class consists ofi two data-parts: 1. SmtpAuthData struct which used for smtp server authorizaton; 2. And other class data for Mail Example for minimal succeed class work SmtpAuthData...
Rating: 6.5
Apr 20 2011

QsT SQL Tools (QST) release

Qt Components by graninas
QST (QsT SQL Tools) is free ORM library for Qt to simplify database programming and to improve code. * Simple SQL queries generation (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, EXECUTE). * Declarative Field Descriptor (DFD) conception for the SQL queries. * Multiple named one-type queries for one database...
Rating: 5.0
Mar 29 2011

QtJsonSettings 1.0.0

Qt Components by asvil
Class for storing Qt application settings in JSON file
Rating: 5.0
Mar 05 2011

QCommandLine 0.2.0

Qt Components by iksaif
Command line parser for Qt (like getopt). Features include options, switchs, params and automatic --version/--help generation.
Rating: 5.0
Nov 15 2010

QTweetLib 0.1

Qt Components by minimoog77
Qt based Twitter library. Supports XAuth and User Streams.
Rating: 5.0
Oct 08 2010

QRemoteSignal 1.2.0

Qt Components by VestniK
QRemoteSignal library is RPC library written in Qt4 which allows you to connect Qt signals and slots between different applications. It is designed to simplify development of client-server network applications with Qt. All signals and slots shared by you server are specified in a small simple...
Rating: 6.8
Aug 24 2010

QOAuth 1.0.1

Qt Components by ayoy
QOAuth is an attempt to support interaction with OAuth-powered network services in a Qt way, i.e. simply, clearly and efficiently. It gives the application developer no more than 4 methods, namely: * requestToken() – to obtain an unauthorized Request Token, * accessToken() – to exchange...
Rating: 7.1
Aug 01 2010

Item Selection Widget 1.0

Qt Components by dhwaj
We have to pass a list to this widget. It will be loaded in left column. We can send an item to right list by ">" and all the items by ">>". Similar things can be done to right list. Items in right list can be moved up and down by "UP" & "Down" resp. One can get final list(right...
Rating: 6.0
Jul 16 2010