CustomizableHeaderView 1.0

Qt Components by urwald
An enhaced QHeaderView providing a context menu where the user can choose which rows/columns to display and which not. Each time a context menu is requested by the user, a new context menu is created with the actual data (column/row header names and maybe a menu title). This class uses by...
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Nov 21 2009

JSON Stream Reader 0.1

Qt Components by mbertozzi
JSonStreamReader is a Qt4 class provides a fast parser for reading JSON via a simple streaming API. More Information and Usage Example Here: http://th30z.netsons.org/2009/05/qt4-json-stream-reader/
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May 02 2009

SingleApplication 1.0

Qt Components by xep
The SingleApplication component provides support for applications that can be only started once per user. For some applications it is useful or even critical that they are started only once by any user. Future attempts to start the application should activate any already running instance, and...
Score 58.0%
Nov 29 2008

QFreeDesktopMime 1.0.1

Qt Components by mbertozzi
QFreeDesktopMime is a Qt4 class for determining the MIME type of files using FreeDesktop Specification.
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Score 50.0%
Aug 03 2008

Hdr reading plugin 0.1

Qt Components by mchara
Plug-in opens hdr images previews in weak quality, but it allows to open tone mapping manager with tone mapping operators plug-ins. To use extended opening use QImageReader with "hdr:e" format(see GrEEn source for reference).
Score 50.0%
Jul 15 2008

MStyles 0.5.1

Qt Components by mchara
It's a Qt style that renders widgets using built-in images sets, but also allows users to add custom images sets, by coping them into special directory. Note that qt caches plugin's keys and there's need to add few lines of code to application to clear this cache if you want to update list of...
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Jul 15 2008