Armadillo C++ Cmake Project Template 1

KDevelop App Templates by aram
This is a Armadillo C++ Template for KDevelop Very small project template that has CMake configuration and minimal C++ main file.
Rating: 5.0
Aug 31 2018

C-SDL-GNU Make light 1.0

KDevelop App Templates by Acry
This is a light C-SDL-GNU Make Template.
Rating: 5.0
May 11 2018

C-SDL-GNU Make 1.02

KDevelop App Templates by Acry
This is a C-SDL Template for KDevelop with GNU-Make. It demonstrates how to... to load and use a Window Icon to set up a window and a renderer to load and render textures with dest rects do conditional Rendering check point in Rect intersection check point in Circle intersection to play a sound...
Rating: 5.0
Apr 29 2018

CMake C

KDevelop App Templates by windblow
CMake C project template. Source of the logo: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:C.sh-600x600.png
Rating: 5.0
Feb 13 2018

Flask Project Template 0.1

KDevelop App Templates by ftbdn
Basic structure for a flask application. Following the pattern from: http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/0.12/patterns/packages/.
Rating: 5.0
Feb 02 2018

Django 1.11 Project + Application 1.0

KDevelop App Templates by mazert
A new django 1.11 project with one application
Rating: 6.0
Jun 10 2017

CMake C++ FLTK template for beginners 1.0

KDevelop App Templates by rpuskas0
A project set up for C++ and FLTK including B. Stroustrup's "Graphics and GUI interface library". This template is intended for beginners learning from Stroustrup's "Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++". It is also set up to use the C++11 standard so there is no need to manually set...
Rating: 5.0
Mar 23 2017

Cpp_CMake 0.2-r1

KDevelop App Templates by petran
C++(17/14) skeleton, with CMake and a custom header that includes many others. This way you keep somewhat more clear your source files.
Rating: 5.0
Mar 18 2017

cpp_Bjarne_CMake 0.3.4-r3

KDevelop App Templates by petran
Simple C++ app skeleton, including std_lib_facilities.h & CMake support.This header provides the most common standard headers (in the global namespace)and minimal exception/error support. It is used in his book: "Programming: Principles and Practice using C++". This template works out of...
Rating: 5.3
Feb 22 2017

cpp_sharedlibrary 0.3.1

KDevelop App Templates by petran
Simple C++ dynamic library skeleton, with CMake (Tested only on Linux). It allows you to build (and install if you want to) shared libraries and their respective headers to use in other projects. In the future I will test dll creation for Windows too.
Rating: 4.0
Feb 22 2017