Bash color style by Alejandro Hamann 1.0

Krusader Colormaps by Codeknight
Description:Bash color style by Alejandro HamannInstallation:- Open Krusader's Konfigurator- Choose "Colors" -> "Import Color Scheme"Author: Alejandro Hamann [ amadeus {*} bbs {.} frc {.} utn {.} edu {.} ar ]Note: You maybe want to change the KDE color settings if you want to use this...
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5 .0
Jan 29 2006

Pleasent TC color style 1.0

Krusader Colormaps by Codeknight
Description:Total commander colormap + some additional pleasent "*nix colors"Installation:- Open Krusader's Konfigurator- Choose "Colors" -> "Import Color Scheme"Author: Frank Schoolmeesters, http://www.krusader.orgNote: for Krusader-1.6x.x and Krusader-1.70.xThis colormap file is a binary...
5 .0
Dec 29 2005

Pleasent NC/MC color style 1.0

Krusader Colormaps by Codeknight
Description:Midnight commander colormap + some additional pleasent colorsInstallation:- Open Krusader's Konfigurator- Choose "Colors" -> "Import Color Scheme"Author:...
5 .0
Dec 22 2005

Poprad Style

Krusader Colormaps by ondrish
My default colormap :) Enjoy.
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5 .0
Jul 20 2006

krusader - wincmd color theme

Krusader Colormaps by ctarsoaga
color map similar to windows commander / total commander
5 .0
May 18 2019

Krusader Vintage Colormap

Krusader Colormaps by zlietapki
Nice vintage Krusader colormapInstallSettings->Configure Krusader->Colors->Uncheck 'Use the default KDE colors'Import color-scheme (at the bottom)Install colors for rootTools->Start Root Mode Krusader. Do the same steps
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5 .0
Apr 28 2020

Open Konsole in current directory

Krusader User Actions by zohair
Opens a konsole session in the current active directory. This was something that I missed a lot in Krusader when I stopped using Konqueror. Then I discovered these nifty useractions and I wrote this little command.How to install[quote]1. Open Krusader.2. In Settings, under User Actions, choose...
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5 .0
Jun 29 2007

Convert avi to XviD

Krusader User Actions by taboom
Convert the selected (avi) file to XviD with some default settings using mencoder and rename original file to [filename].original.aviIf you do it to a file named a.avi the new a.avi is the converted one and a.original.avi is the original one.
5 .0
Aug 10 2006

compress with rar

Krusader User Actions by StefanH
Krusader Useraction for packing rar archives (files and/or directories). It is able to detect if destination file already exists.Note:Requires "rar" in path and terminal NOT to autoclose (check Krusader settings)
5 .0
May 22 2007

mass renamer (current dir)

Krusader User Actions by phobie
Lets you rename all files and directories in the current directory with your favorite texteditor.Installation:- Install qmv which is part of renameutils- Open Krusader's Konfigurator- Choose "User Actions -> Import Action"
5 .0
Jan 19 2006