Text format conversion

Krusader User Actions by dhaddox
This is a set of Krusader useractions which will convert various document formats to plain text. Supported types: RTF, PDF, LIT, PDB, DOC, HTML.No dialog box will appear. It will simply append .txt to the end and place it in the current working directory (except for .lit files, which will...
5 .0
Aug 05 2007


Krusader User Actions by rokthem
convert all selected files in a PDF-File.You will be ask for the name of the pdf-file.imagemagick is required!
5 .0
Sep 19 2008

Send by bluetooth to mobile 0.1

Krusader User Actions by VOzzz
Sends selected files in active panel to mobile phone via gammu.Asks storage type.man gammu :)
5 .0
Oct 20 2010

PDF optimize

Krusader User Actions by rokthem
Optimize a PDF and you will ask which new savename for the document you will use.
5 .0
Nov 25 2010

convert to PDF and optimize

Krusader User Actions by rokthem
convert any image file with imagemagik to PDF and optimize the PDF.Unfortunately I the new file is save oldfile.ext.pdf. I don#t now how to eliminate the ext in the new filename.
5 .0
Nov 25 2010

run file on selected files 1.0

Krusader User Actions by jamesbias
seriously its one line. but hopefully it helps someone. I use it alot now.
5 .0
Feb 04 2011

LibreOffice-Vorlage öffnen

Krusader User Actions by jkl
Öffnet eine LibreOffice-Vorlage als Vorlage, also nicht als neues Dokument. Das ist immer dann sinnvoll und notwendig, wenn man Vorlagen ändern möchte.
5 .0
Nov 04 2011

Make hardlinks on other panel 1

Krusader User Actions by cirosantilli
Makes hardlinks of selected files on other panel with same names.
5 .0
Apr 05 2012

TreeCopy 0.1

Krusader User Actions by rokthem
Krusader useraction which operates similarly to TreeCopyPlus for Total Commander:http://totalcmd.net/plugring/TreeCopyPlus.htmlIts intended for copying/moving files with keeping of full folder tree.You can import this action via import dialog in...
5 .0
Dec 23 2015

mass renamer (selected)

Krusader User Actions by phobie
Lets you rename all selected files and directories with your favorite texteditor.Installation:- Install qmv which is part of renameutils- Open Krusader's Konfigurator- Choose "User Actions -> Import Action"
5 .0
Jan 19 2006