unmount filesystem 1.0.0

Krusader User Actions by xylo
Unmounts a filesystem (current selected directory) when pressing ALT+#.A popup window appears to inform you about success or failure. In case of a busy device you get a list of applications which are using it.I like to unmount filesystem as easy as mount them using the auto-mount option of...
5 .0
Oct 23 2007

7zip current file

Krusader User Actions by vaclavj
makes a high compression-ratio 7zip archive containing current file.Installation:- Open Krusader's Konfigurator- Choose "User Actions -> Import Action"Note:With used parameters, 7z uses about 110MB RAM for packing and 8MB for unpacking. If you do not have enough (hard disk swap is used, so it...
5 .0
Dec 14 2005

Open Yakuake Here

Krusader User Actions by z-vet
For Yakuake fans: it's a replacement for F2. It opens current directory in Yakuake instead of Konsole. Note: It does not run new Yakuake, it calls an existing one or does nothing!Comments are welcome.
5 .0
Dec 29 2007

Demo Calc 0.1

Krusader JS Extensions by dek
This is a demo of Krusader's embedded JS-interpreter, based on KJSEmbed.It shows how to create a simple GUI from a .ui-file, connect UI-signals to JS-Functions and interact with Krusader (setting the window-title). I must confess that this is not very useful but it's a nice demo....
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5 .0
Oct 02 2005

Root Mount 0.1

Krusader JS Extensions by dek
This is an extension for Krusader, written in JavaScript.Installation:-) Copy mount.js and mount.ui to ~/.kde/share/apps/krusader/js/ (you may have to create this dir)-) Go to the UserAction Konfigurator-page and import action.xmlPlease note, that the JS-extension-stuff is under heavy...
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5 .0
Oct 02 2005

recode files with dialog 1.2

Krusader JS Extensions by vaclavj
A javascript useraction, which converts either file names or their content or both from one to another character encoding. It processes all selected files and directories in the active panel (for the directories, recurse their content). You can select, whether a recoded copy is created or if the...
5 .0
Jan 31 2008

Copy as root 0.1

Krusader User Actions by Murz
Copy with root permissions.
5 .0
Feb 19 2017

Breeze icons for krusader root mode (> 2.5.0) 0.1

Krusader User Actions by roctheme
Krusader root mode via user action because of missing icons via internal shortcut
5 .0
Jan 23 2018

Extract JPGs from DNGs in selected folder 1.0

Krusader User Actions by cptalpa
Will extract JPGs from select folder where DNGs are stored. The useraction runs in terminal. Output displayed in terminal indicates selected folder. "DONE" is displayed when everything is done - terminal may be closed after this.Useful for photographers who`s camera cannot store photos both in...
5 .0
Oct 09 2018

krusader - wincmd color theme

Krusader Colormaps by ctarsoaga
color map similar to windows commander / total commander
5 .0
May 18 2019