IO and Cache KSysguard tab - Brazillian portuguese version 2

System Monitor Tabs by skaplon
KSysguard tab with disk, usb, used/buffer/cached memory and dirty/writeback cache
Score 58.0%
May 03 2019

Fujitsu Lifebook E-8020D 1

System Monitor Tabs by Zecas
Tabs dedicated for this system : as it has very few sensors, and only 1GB RAM - 40GB disk it focuses on waiting time. The central graph shows the time percentage waiting for disk, either for swap or file access. It also has a CPU frequency sensor.
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Apr 16 2019

System Monitor Tab for a Quad Core 8 sting CPU's v 1.0

System Monitor Tabs by 5pace
I put this System Monitor Tab together after download another noticing we can customize these tabs.. category
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Apr 07 2019

hp z workstation 1.0

System Monitor Tabs by zweidd
HP Z Workstation System Tab
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Feb 28 2019

Dell Latitude E5430 1

System Monitor Tabs by Zecas
Complete monitor for this Dell laptop : - CPU, Memory and Ambient temperatures - FAN speed - I/O in progress
Score 50.0%
Feb 20 2019

Magalhaes - Intel Classmate 1

System Monitor Tabs by Zecas
A monitor for the Magalhães (aka Intel Classmate) which was given to all 8 years old childs in Portugal in 2009. * CPU frequency * Temperatures for mainboard and CPU * Wifi signal strength
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Score 58.0%
Jan 26 2019

Gateway DS10G 1

System Monitor Tabs by Zecas
Full monitor for the Gateway DS10G : - Chipset and CPU temperatures - Internal disk drive throughput - Overall System Load
Score 50.0%
Jan 22 2019

Dell Studio 1737

System Monitor Tabs by Zecas
A complete monitor for this laptop, including the fan speed. As of kernel 4.14, reading the fan speed blocks the system for one second, interrupting music players, so you may want to remove the fan sensor.
Score 50.0%
Dec 25 2018

ACER M420 with external Radeon 4850 GPU A

System Monitor Tabs by Zecas
This is a tab for the 2009 version of the Acer M420. If you have a Radeon GPU and use the open source driver, you'll also get GPU temperature. For CPU, only one core frequency is reported as they both are hardware bounded.
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Dec 09 2018

HP Probook x360 11 G1 EE - Ordilib 2018 1

System Monitor Tabs by Zecas
The Ksysguard ultimate info for this model: - CPU frequency - CPU temperatures for any of the 4 cores - Wifi signal strength
Score 50.0%
Dec 08 2018