Dock And Unity Multiple Promo 0.1

Latte Layouts by Psifidotos
These are three layouts used at the Latte v0.9 Promo video. These layouts can not be installed from Download option of Latte. You need to do the following: 1. Extract the layouts 2. Import all three layouts to Latte 3. Assign "Unity Dream" layout to any activity you want 4. Enable Multiple mode...
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Jul 31 2019

Dock And TopBar Promo 0.1

Latte Layouts by Psifidotos
This is the main layout used in promo video of Latte v0.9 You will need following plasma applets, Top Panel: - Window Title - Window AppMenu - Window Buttons - Latte Separator - Chili Clock - Playbar2 Bottom Dock: - Latte Analog Clock - Weather Widget
Score 66.7%
Jul 31 2019

The Best Bar 0.1

Latte Layouts by wakellor957
A bar with a slightly different layout. To install it, right-click the Latte Dock, go to Layouts > Configure... > Download. You may also want to download any widgets mentioned below that you don't have before installing... Please also make sure that you're not using sloppy mouse focus...
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Score 50.0%
Jul 13 2019

UltraSleek 0.1

Latte Layouts by wakellor957
A simple but effective Latte Dock layout which focuses on keeping everything within easy reach! (It's also my first post ever!!!) To install it, right-click the Latte Dock, go to Layouts > Configure... > Download. Search for 'Ultra' or sort by newest... then click Install. The layout...
Score 56.0%
Jul 11 2019

Hot Corner 0.2

Latte Layouts by natepaul
Efficient layout with a shrunken topbar set to dodge and autohidden dock on the right. Designed for left window controls and dark wallpaper. Created in v0.7.x and tested with v0.8.6. Enjoy! Appearance: - Desktop Theme: Deepin - Icons: Papirus-Dark - Colours: Breeze Dark - Cursor:...
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Score 58.0%
Feb 17 2019

All-in-one top bar 1.0

Latte Layouts by harogaston
All included without cluttering are: - Menu launcher - Window Title - Global Menu - Desktop grid - Icon task manager - System tray - Clock/calendar I made it to save vertical space. Hope you like it.
Score 58.0%
Feb 16 2019

MacOS Maximized 1.0

Latte Layouts by Madkita
a MacOS like latte layout which hides the top bar and dock when apps are maximized Widgets(from left to right): simple menu, App title, global menu, System tray, event calendar to hide title bar when an app is maximized add this line `BorderlessMaximizedWindows=true` to ~/.config/kwinrc
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Dec 26 2018

No panel layout for latte dock 0.1

Latte Layouts by mapcode-mind
latte dock layout for a desktop with no panels. Put the file inside the folder `~/.config/latte/` and then right click on latte-dock and select layout `No bar`.
Score 67.1%
Sep 08 2018

OSX Layout

Latte Layouts by Luwx
A Latte layout that tries mimic macOS X design and spacing. Before you download this, please make sure that these applets are installed: - Simple Menu https://store.kde.org/p/1169537/ - Active Window Control https://phabricator.kde.org/source/plasma-active-window-control/ - Event Calendar...
Score 65.0%
Aug 04 2018

Einfach Layout v1

Latte Layouts by azarilh
It's actually similar to Latte Dinamico: https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1208850/ The layout contains installed widgets "Event Calendar", "Media Player Compact" and "Show Desktop (Win7)". You can find the wallpaper here: https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1243039/ The shadow that you see at the bottom...
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Score 58.0%
Aug 03 2018