Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by DavidEdmundson
Inspired by screenshots from other operating systems, this wallpaper features large text displayed as a giant old-school style flip-clock, with appropriate animations.Despite being a wallpaper, the intended usage is as a background for the screensaver.
5 .0
2 days ago

SmartER Video Wallpaper 1.0

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by sirpedroec
SmartER Video WallpaperModified KDE Plugin of Smart Video Wallpaper. I've added an "Always Play" mode to stop the wallpaper from pausing when a window is open. I found this is a must have for a multi-monitor setup.Based on: https://store.kde.org/p/1316299/Thanks to ADHE & /u/samrog for their...
5 .0
Nov 21 2020

Animated Image Wallpaper 0.3

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by dark-eye
Plasma plugin to support GIF/MNG/WEBP animated images (based on QT AnimatedImage class). Allow for blurring and control of the animation speed and day/night time shading.You can encode videos to webp format using ffmpeg with the following command : ffmpeg -i source_video_file -loop 0 ...
7 .9
Oct 20 2020

Sliding/Parallax Wallpaper 0.2

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by bojidar-bg
This is a wallpaper plugin for Plasma 5 which allows its users to "stretch" an image between multiple virtual desktops, so that moving between those desktops shows different portions of the background.Note: If using the Slide animation between virtual desktops, make sure that System Settings /...
5 .0
Oct 05 2020

Aesthetic Wallpaper 1.0

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by aeregeneratel38
A Wallpaper Plugin with 4 aesthetic effects which goes with KDE and Manjaro's Logo. Will add more logos.
5 .4
Sep 14 2020

Shader Wallpaper 2.0-alpha

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by y4my4my4m
Shader Wallpaper is a KDE/Plasma Wallpaper Plugin that allows you to run shaders as your wallpaper. Video of 1.2 using iGPU (and kvantum) in VirtualBox: https://streamable.com/1g7mucVideo of 1.0: https://streamable.com/yeqam9 I'll probably maintain it on Github principally for issues/PR but...
6 .3
Sep 12 2020

Avdan XPDynamicWallpaper 1.0

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by aeregeneratel38
Wallpaper Plugin which changes between Windows XP Bliss Day and Night wallpaper based on System Time. It is based on Youtuber Avdan's Windows XP 2019 Concept
6 .7
Jun 25 2020

HTML Wallpaper 2.1

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by the-unknown
This plugin allows you to use webpages as your KDE Plasma wallpaper.Set the layout style to Folder View to keep input focus on the desktop icons.The webpage isn't clickable this way.Set the layout style to Desktop View to give input focus to the browser and hide desktop icons.This gives you a...
6 .2
Jun 18 2020

Day/Night tinted wallpaper 0.2.1

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by dark-eye
Day/Night tinted image wallpaper.The tint of the image will change based on the time of day depending on how much of the tint effect is conifgured.
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6 .0
Mar 07 2020

Latte SlideShow 5.18.0

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by Psifidotos
This is a Plasma 5 Wallpaper plugin that informs Latte about the current background in order for Latte to update its colors.RequireLatte >= v0.9.xInstallRight click for Desktop -> Configure Desktop -> Get New Plugins -> Latte SlideShow
6 .7
Feb 15 2020