Kbeat 0.01

Plasma 5 Multimedia by adhe
Kbeat - sounds for relax and focus Features: * Nature sounds on panel Left click - Play/Pause Right click - Choose a relaxing soundInstallation Dependencies: Install the packages * qt5-quickcontrols * qt5-quickcontrols2 * qt5-multimedia * qt5-graphicaleffects Download and run the code: ...
Score 50.0%
Feb 22 2020

panon 0.4.0

Plasma 5 Multimedia by rbn43
This is an audio spectrum analyzer. * Requirements: OpenGL >= 3.0 KDE Framework >= 5.63 (required by knewstuff) For older KDE Framework, please install panon-without-knewstuff.plasmoid. * Required packages for ArchLinux: sudo pacman -S qt5-websockets python-docopt python-numpy...
Score 79.0%
Feb 20 2020

Twitch indicator 0.4.3

Plasma 5 Multimedia by komorebithrowsatable
Displays active streams from channels you're following on twitch. It uses only your login name and nothing else since twitch api allows to see this data just by passing client id. Now it's a beta version, so don't hesitate to report bugs and request some improvements.
Score 50.0%
Feb 17 2020

mediacontroller_plus 0.2.3

Plasma 5 Multimedia by ismail0f
This is a modified version of the offical mediacontroller plasma5 widget. It provides the same functionality as the traditional mediacontroller widget, giving you control over every media player in your system (through the MPRIS2 protocol), but it adapts to more ratios and sizes, allowing you to...
Score 71.3%
Feb 09 2020

Advanced Radio Player 0.7

Plasma 5 Multimedia by driglu4it
Radio Player with editable list of stations. Update 0.7: Added export/import function. Fixed sorting of stations. Added translations for Russian and German (for German additional thanks to Nico Lubnau https://www.pling.com/u/lubbi1979/). Some technical improvments. If you want to help with the...
Score 86.7%
Jan 31 2020

Audio Device Switcher 0.2.0

Plasma 5 Multimedia by andik92
Simple widget to change the default audio output device/sink.
Score 76.2%
Dec 11 2019

PlasmaTube 3.0.2

Plasma 5 Multimedia by zanturik
Plasmoid for viewing youtube videos on your desktop. You should have google account to use this plasmoid. Current version 3.0.2 Features: * playing youtube video :) * searching video, channels and playlist * presets editing and sorting (settings -> youtube channels -> click and hold,...
Score 74.0%
Nov 05 2019

Genial 1.2.0

Plasma 5 Multimedia by nathanpb
Plasmoid for KDE Plasma 5 that fetches song descriptions from Genius of whatever you are listening on Spotify
Score 50.0%
Nov 08 2019

MCWS Remote Control Plasmoid v1.16.0

Plasma 5 Multimedia by noee
Remote control JRiver Media Center Servers * Display/Control MediaCenter playback zones directly in a panel * One-click multi-host/multi-zone playback control * Zone link * Smartlist/playlist playback support * Flexible library searching by track/artist/album/genre
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Score 63.3%
Feb 09 2019

Win7 Volume Mixer 24

Plasma 5 Multimedia by Zren
v18+ requires Plasma 5.8 v11+ requires Plasma 5.7 v2 is tested on Plasma 5.5 and Plasma 5.6 A reskin of the default plasmoid. Cannot be placed in the systray (use kmix instead if you want that). * Vertical sliders * Can change the media keys volume up/down percentage. * Added links to alsamixer...
Score 83.6%
Jan 28 2019