Spotify Dark Titlebar Tweak 1.0

Various Stuff by hackan301
A tweak that makes Spotify use the dark theme variant for its titlebar. If you are a fan of that some applications are bright while others are dark, then this is for you! This tweak gives you a new desktop menu item (when you right-click the application/running icon) from which you can manually...
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Sep 09 2019

Touchscreen extras 1.1

Various Stuff by piotrintes
TouchscreenExtras is a free tool than can provide you with all essential features you need to control your device using touchscreen. FEATURES: - simulate right click on touchscreen long press - two types of gestures for each screen edge - swipe - move your finger from screen edge into...
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Sep 05 2019

kmail messages list theme v0.1

Various Stuff by pereiraalex
Theme cloned from kmail's inteligent messages list view. On second screenshot, go into kmail configuration/settings and follow the red rectangules. In english: Go into "Appearence", "Message List". Then "Import Theme" Select the file in download. Then select the new theme.
Score 58.0%
Oct 25 2014

Nicer Icon Theme and layout for Recoll

Various Stuff by stalin2000
If the Icons are too big in recoll simply replace them in this folder: /usr/share/recoll/images (access this folder with root privileges) In order to make the result list look much, much nicer and easier to read you can also add this html-code. Go to Settings -> GUI Settings -> Result...
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Score 65.6%
Jun 29 2014

Evolvere KTelepathy Adium message style 1.0.0

Various Stuff by franksouza183
Part of Evolvere theme suit, soonDemo: http://youtu.be/4mF-AnPwIR8Installation: On Kubuntu install it by extracting the file in ~/.kde/share/apps/ktelepathy/styles/, or in /usr/share/kde4/apps/ktelepathy/styles/ for all users. The path is probably similar in other distros.
Score 74.0%
Mar 16 2014

Kubuntu branding for dark themes

Various Stuff by MarcosBox
Kubuntu branding for dark themes like Caledonia. Replace or rename the branding.svgz of your dark plasma theme with this.
Score 50.0%
Feb 23 2014

Longest List of Internet Radio Stations

Various Stuff by Brahimsalem
- This is the longest list of radio stations which I made for Radio Tray To install: copy the extracted file, 'bookmarks.xml', to ~/.local/share/radiotray
Score 58.0%
Oct 28 2013
Score 58.0%
Apr 06 2013

KDE Blog 5th Anniversary 1

Various Stuff by Maecla
Konqui and Katie congratulating KDE Blog for his 5th Anniversary!
Score 58.0%
Mar 24 2013

dockmanager-kde_and_extra 0.9.17

Various Stuff by gnumdk
Dockmanager scripts for: - dolphin - konsole - firefox - kopete - akonadi - krdc - kate - clementine - amarok - rekonq - konqueror - chromium - chrome - lastfm Installation: $ cd ~/.local/share/ $ mkdir dockmanager $ tar xvzf ~/dockmanager-kde_and_extra-0.9.17.tgz
Score 75.2%
Mar 21 2013