Tigullio Modern 0.1

KPat Decks by mikelima
Yet another variant of my Tigullio deck. This one is based on Tigullio Bridge, but each suit has its own color: Orange for diamond, red for hearts, green for clubs and blue for spades. I got the idea from the wikipedia article on playing cards. I find this useful when playing the Spider...
Rating: 6.8
Feb 19 2011

Cauchy 0.1

KPat Decks by cauch
A simple svg card deck based on template-single.svg from gnome. It works also on aisleriot (where it was fully tested)
Rating: 5.3
Jul 03 2010

Clean Blue 0.1

KPat Themes by Parkotron
A simple theme for KPat. Just a recolouration of the Clean Green theme.
Rating: 7.1
Apr 14 2010

William Tell 0.1

KPat Decks by mikelima
This is a card deck drawn in the Hungarian style. It's an hybrid deck, that is, it uses vector elements for the pips, and pictures, extracted from a public domain image for the court card graphics.
Rating: 7.6
Mar 20 2010

Tigullio Bridge 0.1

KPat Decks by mikelima
A variation on my Tigullio international deck. It differs from it in these ways: * Cards are “fatter”, with proportions similar to bridge/pocker cards * The suits design is different and uses larger “pips” * The card value and suit is present in all four corners.
Rating: 7.0
Feb 28 2010

cards-sub-standard .1

KPat Decks by sphere
In an attempt to get some practice with inkscape I drew out a new deck of cards for KPatience. It's heavily influenced by the current default card set. Take a look, try them out, and if you can give me *any* feedback I'd be appreciative. To install (on Debian at least) 1. copy the tgz into...
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Rating: 5.7
Mar 03 2005