Blue Night Kate Color Scheme 0.1

Kate by mmstick
A dark blue theme for use with Kate.
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Jun 27 2014

Monokai Kate Color Scheme 0.1

Kate by mmstick
I saw a color scheme on a website, named monokai, and thought it would be nice to have such a color scheme in Kate while I'm programming. Therefore, I have set out to recreate and enhance the color scheme for use in Kate.
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Jun 23 2014

dcrBlackGold-Kate/Kwrite Theme

Kate by drankinatty
This is a dark color scheme for Kate and Kwrite. It works for both kde3 and kde4 and can be applied to Quanta+. To install the theme, simply open your ~/.kde/share/config/kateschemarc file and add the following color scheme:[dcrBlackGold]Color Background=11,12,14Color Highlighted...
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Jul 21 2010

DarkLum - Kate low contrast dark calm 1

Kate by genjix
my own theme i use.append files to ~/.kde/share/config/kateschemarc and ~/.kde/share/config/katesyntaxhighlightingrc
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Jun 24 2010

Nightsky Kate Color Scheme 1.0

Kate by Zeroangel
This color scheme for Kate is designed to be both attractive and easy on the eyes. It's a work-in-progress so if you have suggestions for color settings that do not work well, then post them here and i'll consider adding them to the next update.NOTE:The color scheme will not import the document...
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Mar 05 2014

Rdark - A Kate Syntax Highlighting Theme 1.0

Kate by pento
It's a attempt of porting vim's dark theme called "Rdark"originally created by Radu Dineiu (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1732)to Kate.Simply add contents of theme files to your~/.kde/share/config/katesyntaxhighlightingrcand ~/.kde/share/config/kateschemarc
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Aug 31 2008

darK - A Kate Syntax Highlighting Theme 0.1

Kate by lfnet
darK v0.1darK is color scheme for kdevelop/kate inspired by the Ruby on Rails Screencasts. I used it heavily for developing with Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and thus some of the keywords and types which are highlighted nicely for Ruby syntax highlighting may need to be implemented in the language of...
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Jun 20 2008

Tntnet highlighting 0.01

Kate by kbo
Provides highlighting for Tntnet sources (HTML/C++). This work is based on the html-php.xml highlighting description.
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Feb 16 2009

TI MSP430X CPU Assembly Highligting 1.0

Kate by eliaschr
This is the .xml file that enables the highlighting of the assembly language of Texas Instruments' MSP430 ultra-low-power microcontrollers. It also contains the syntax highlighting for the CPUX instruction set of this family.To install it, simply copy the file into...
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Mar 25 2009

TI DSP28xx Family syntax highlighting 1.0

Kate by eliaschr
Highlighting .xml file for KATE. It enables the highlighting of the assembly language of Texas Instruments' TMS28xx family of DSP processors.Just copy the .xml file into the /opt/kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax/ directory (for KDE3) or /usr/share/kde4/apps/katepart/syntax/ directory (for KDE4)....
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Mar 25 2009