Syntax highlighting for Julia language 1

Kate by aNordal
My attempt at syntax highlighting for Julia. I'm just a fan of the language, but this should be a pretty much complete implementation of their website spec.Julia is a language meant to compete with Matlab and R, as well as perl and C. Read more on julialang.org.How to install my syntax...
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Oct 06 2012

Updated LSL highlighting 2012.02.03

Kate by Kaluura
Updated LSL highlighting scheme with all available functions, events and constants. (February 2012)Uncompress and copy in:~/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax/
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Feb 03 2012

Dark highlighting for KDevelop 0.1

Kate by roelj
I modified the default KDevelop highlighting to have a dark background and I modified some colors that were not visible enough.Most colors are the same, only dark green and red is lighter than the default theme.It's really better for your eyes! :)
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Jan 11 2012

Autoconf Language Support 1.11

Kate by undefined
Katepart Syntax Highlight Implimentation for Autoconf Language* http://www.kate-editor.org/downloads/syntax_highlighting* http://www.gnu.org/software/automake/manual/autoconf/
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Oct 20 2011

Coreboot sconfig Highlighting 1.0

Kate by cg909
Coreboot sconfig device tree syntax highlighting for Kate.This highlighter is very useful to coreboot developers, as it parses the device tree similar to the original parser and so immediately marks invalid keyword usage.Download it to $HOME/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax/
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Sep 27 2011

ACPI Source Language (DSDT) Highlighting 1.0

Kate by cg909
ACPI Source Language highlighting for Kate.This special-purpose language is primary used in the DSDT ACPI table.Highlights all keywords/operators in ACPI 4.0 spec.Download it to $HOME/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax/
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Sep 27 2011
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Sep 16 2011

Colors alphabet 0.01

Addition of color in the background and the font, of individual characters. In addition you can change the use of a custom font. The defaults are just a demo, they weren't thought through.Potential uses with people of low eye site (read with out glasses), near blind (increase screen letter...
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Apr 14 2011

Nagios configuration 1.0

Kate by hgmtnd
Syntax highlighting definition for Nagios 3.x configuration files.This file should be placed in ~/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax/. To install system-wide, copy it to $KDEDIR/share/apps/katepart/syntax/ instead.
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Feb 19 2011

RNG syntax highlighting

Kate by fanda
http://repo.or.cz/w/Kate_RNG_RNC_syntax.gitsave files to ~/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax
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Dec 12 2010