darK - A Kate Syntax Highlighting Theme 0.1

Kate by lfnet
darK v0.1 darK is color scheme for kdevelop/kate inspired by the Ruby on Rails Screencasts. I used it heavily for developing with Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and thus some of the keywords and types which are highlighted nicely for Ruby syntax highlighting may need to be implemented in the language of...
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Jun 20 2008

ConTeXt - Syntax Highlighting 1.01

Kate by hippodriver
If you don't know ConTeXt look here: http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Main_Page
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Jan 03 2008

freebasic.xml 0.26

Kate by rexxitall
syntax highlighting for freebasic its made with converting old basic dialects in mind if something might be n'missed drop me a note
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Sep 27 2007


Kate by Corran
Katepart syntax highlighting file for Squirrel http://squirrel-lang.org/.
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Sep 06 2007

Lua - Syntax Highlighting 1.02

Kate by brmassa
If you program LUA Scripts on Kate or KDevelop, now you have a excelent syntax highlighting. The color scheme is near to PHP. FEATURES: * based on Lua 5.1.x syntax * strings "[[ ]]", double and single quoted strings * block comments * common functions * function, if/elseif/else, do-end chunks,...
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Jul 15 2007

Lirc coloration for Kate 0.1

Kate by mildred
Highlight Lirc ~/.lircrc configuration file
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Jul 04 2007

GNU Assembler Highlighting 1.1

Kate by brcha
I have updated the old highlightings for GNU Assembler by adding the registers and the instructions so that they could be highlighted.Installation: Just copy the file into your ~/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax directory and that's all. If you wish to install system-wide, then install into...
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May 24 2007

ActionScript 2 0.8

Kate by cable8
most Objects, Methods, Properties, Events, Functions etc. should be recognized support for highlighting user defined functions/methods (achieved by syntax pattern only - of course)
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May 21 2007

Xilinx UCF Highlighting 1.00

Kate by xylo
Copy the file xilinx-ucf.xml to ~/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax/
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May 14 2007

Maxima Highlighting 1.01

It's the Maxima syntax highlight for kate and co. Copy it to ~/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax
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Mar 21 2007