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Image Search

Dolphin Service Menus by Jamesjon
Image Search te buscar imagenes en internet a partir de una imagen que posea tu PC, busca
search image buscar imagen online addon
Sep 06 2020

Search Here [MATE Search Tool]

Dolphin Service Menus by risu
Best search context menu. Please make sure that [b]mate-utils is installed[/b]. You can grab
search tool mate files folders addon
Sep 08 2019

Reverse Image Search

Dolphin Service Menus by eusonig
Reverse Image Search is a service menu to search images using known reverse image search engines
May 04 2020

Instant Search

Falkon Extensions by assassin
Start searching when you type on the page area. Requires PyFalkon plug-in to be enabled in Falkon.
falkon browser extension search addon
May 17 2019


Amarok 2.x Scripts by alternativshik
Listen music from in Amarok ATTENTION! For correct work on some distributives you need to do: download and copy file '' /usr/share/qt4/plugins/designer/
Feb 06 2014

Search on

Dolphin Service Menus by michalje
Add to ServiceMenu "search on": - google - google (images) - wikipedia - (only
Oct 11 2010


Dolphin Service Menus by riessmi
opens the kfind dialog for searching files in the directory of the selected file DOES NOTHING
Nov 12 2004


Full Icon Themes by Barud
[/url] which is a simple python script to get missing icons from your installation. The script searches
Jun 01 2021

In search of Aqua

QtCurve by Eemo
Derived from "In search of Slick", I tried with this theme to make a relatively Aqua-like Qt theme
May 08 2012

Searcher for movie-PL

Dolphin Service Menus by michalje
This servicemenu is rather for Polish users! Search movie by the name of the directory
Jan 02 2010