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A simple text based system monitor. Just the facts you could say. Easy to modify, just look at the documentation. I have alot of plans for this script. Originally based off compact 1.0.

- User & Host names
- System Uptime OR Battery Status
- Kernel, KDE & Qt version
- CPU Info: Model, Speed, Temp* & Load
- RAM ussage (Swap easily available & is in v0.X.1 releases be default)
- Used space on the partitions
- Network Traffic (v0.X.1 releases have dual ethernet built-in)
- Time, Date & Calendar
- Thorough Documentation (in documentation.txt, no longer the theme)

* - If lm-sensors is installed & work correctly.

Screenshot 1 shows v0.2, designed for desktops.
Screenshot 2 shows v0.2.1, designed for laptops. I was getting tired of having to reconfigure the theme depending on what device I was using.

ONLY USE v0.2.1 if you require two network interfaces, otherwise use the v0.2 build in the tar.gz (it has been updated).

Documentation is currently my main focus (since I have yet to find another feature I want to add), so please give me feedback.


12 years ago

To all kubuntu users who doesn't want to install lm-sensors and still wanna get the same effect, here are some hack i did to perform the same effect ...

change: (line 59)
text x=105 y=83 sensor=sensor type="temp" format="%v°C" interval=1000 color=255,255,255 fontsize=12 font="candara" shadow=1

text x=105 y=83 sensor=program program="cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature|grep 'temperature' | sed -e 's/.........................//'" color=255,255,255 fontsize=12 font="candara" shadow=1

One more, since the battery sensors on my laptop always showing "rate information unavailable" i just remove it using

change: (line 42)
acpi -b | sed -e 's/^[ \t]*//;s/Battery 1://;s/charging,//;s/dis//;s/^[ \t]*//;s/until charged/AC/;s/remaining/DC/'

acpi -b | sed -e 's/^[ \t]*//;s/Battery 1://;s/charging,//;s/dis//;s/^[ \t]*//;s/until charged/AC/;s/remaining/DC/' | sed -e 's/, rate information unavailable.//'

Hope somebody find it usefull ... i'm still newbie in this area :p



12 years ago

I'd like to edit Kompact to show my custom patitions. How do I go about doing this?




12 years ago

There are two things you need to change in the DISK SPACE (or DISK SPACES, depending on the version) section of the theme:
1)value="" - this is the name you want shown for the partition.
2)mountpoint="" - this is the actual path of the partition.

So, let us say I want to show the home partition, it would look something like this:
value="/home" OR value="My Docs"
mountpoint="/home" OR mountpoint="/home/username"

If you have anymore questions feel free to e-mail me.


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