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Night Bloom

Plasma Color Schemes by stellarzoic
Modified from KDE-story color cheme by l4k1 and Materia-Manjaro-Dark by freefreeno to go with KDE-Story window decoration, plasma style, and Lavendar-Dark-Icons by l4k1. I adjusted the contrast and some colors to suite my personal sense of aesthetics.
dark purple linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Apr 09 2021

Genome Spectrum Colors

Plasma Color Schemes by doncsugar
Features Genome Light and Dark color schemes with the accent colors changed to each of Spectrum's. Includes a light and dark variant of the original Garnet, Iolite, Charoite, Maw Sit Sit, and Strawberry Quartz. Contains 10 color schemes in total.
red green blue pink purple linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Feb 04 2021


Plasma Color Schemes by doncsugar
A soft, purple theme with light highlights. Charoite had some contrast issues in testing, but is pretty decent in terms of readability. Leave a comment if you run into any issues. This is part of [url=]Spectrum Charoite[/url].
purple dark dark-theme soft spectrum linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Nov 23 2020


Plasma Color Schemes by tuxg0d
This is the Flatery theme by Cybernix but with a different accent color. It looks better with the Flatery-Dark (purple) icon theme IMO.
dark flatery purple linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Aug 25 2020

VanHelsing color scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by adhe
details soon
purple dark plasma linux unix theme kde colorscheme
May 12 2020


Plasma Color Schemes by zinjanthr0pus
This is a color scheme that I made to go with this wallpaper (which I am uncertain of the copyright information of): I'm using it with a particular emerald theme (via smaragd) that can be found here:, but I imagine it should...
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme aurora borealis northern lights purple
Mar 24 2020

Cyberpunk Pandora

Plasma Color Schemes by nestort
A hacker-ish or cyberpunkish looking theme, with dark colors, green buttons, purple accents and cyan and green fonts. It captures Avatar's Pandora night forest colors. It could be also tagged as neon-like. You can complete it with the following configuration: Plasma: Inspiration Widgets:...
hacker neon pandora avatar purple linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Jan 16 2020

Klorax. Dracula

Plasma Color Schemes by klorax
This is part of the [url=]Dracula Theme Suite[/url][color=#ff5555]*[/color] by [url=]Klorax[/url]: [color=#bd93f9][i][b]Dark and scary, yet jollily vampiric![/b][/i][/color] [b]♦ Download Instructions ♦[/b] It is recommended...
dark dracula gray purple vampire linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Oct 07 2019


Plasma Color Schemes by lycanite
A very vibrant purple color scheme with some strong greens and other colors. This is designed for an Outrun theme that I'm working on. Recommendations (From Screenshot) Icons: Oxygen Green Cursor: Breeze Green Window Decoration: Ghost
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme outrun retro 80s vibrant purple
Dec 10 2018