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Plasma Window Decorations by darkeye90
AuroraeKvBrown is recolored version of AuroraeKvDark to match KvBrown I hope you like it Contact: deviantart: Instagram : @darkeye90shop Mastadon: @[email protected] Odysee : Support: You can support me by...
decorate decoration kde kvantum kvbrown kwin linux plasma theme unix
Mar 15 2022

BreezewayMod kwin Window Decoration

Plasma Window Decorations by n4n0
**PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION THROUGH KDE'S SETTINGS WILL NOT WORK** BreezewayMod is a fork of the Breezeway window decoration which aims to mimic the macOS interface. But with powerups. Did I mention that it comes without weird glitches on the rounded corners? This window...
decoration kde kwin linux macos no-glitch plasma theme unix
Nov 10 2019