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Virtual Desktop Tools

Kwin Scripts by clemb38
Adds keyboard shortcuts to KWin to: - Swap the windows with previous/next virtual desktop
desktop virtual kwin kde scripts linux unix
Sep 28 2022

System76 Scheduler KWin Integration

Kwin Scripts by maxiberta
This KWin Script interactively notifies System76 Scheduler which app has focus via D-Bus
kwin kwinscript linux pop-os scheduler system76 unix
May 11 2022

Snappy Move Script

Kwin Scripts by kdedoom
Script helps organize the windows on your desktop by snapping windows in the middle of each screen, and cascading window snapping.
kwin kwinscript linux move snap unix
Apr 29 2022

Selective Virtual Desktops

Kwin Scripts by thohell
/wsdfhjxc/kwin-scripts/tree/master/virtual-desktops-only-on-primary). For many other use cases, this script
desktop kwin kwinscript linux monitor unix virtual
Feb 20 2022

KWin Cycle Non-Empty Desktops

Kwin Scripts by shaansubbaiah
[size=5][b]kwin-cycle-non-empty-desktops[/b][/size] KWin Script to switch to the next or previous
desktop kwin kwinscript linux shortcut switcher unix
Feb 06 2022

Switch screen of all windows

Kwin Scripts by fidjose
Will create a new action called "Switch the screen to all windows", whose default shortcut is Meta+Shift+P When activated, all windows will move to the next screen. It will only work if there are multiple screens.
kwin linux screen unix
Nov 19 2021


Kwin Scripts by jeremyk6
Enable to swap two windows geometries. Useful if you have a specific windows layout that you don't want to break. How to use : Right click on the title bar of the window that you want to replace → Extensions → Replace window Select another window that will come in place of the actual window The ...
kwin kwinscript linux replace swap unix window
Nov 25 2021

Windows 10 dark kwin

Kwin Scripts by crazy-pingvin
This is my first theme for kwin, it needs the font Segoe MDL2 Assets to work. Installation path
decoration kwin linux unix windows10
Jul 18 2021

Move Window and Focus to Desktop

Kwin Scripts by nightreveller
KWin script that creates shortcuts for moving a window and the focus to a certain desktop.
kdeplasma kwin linux script unix
Mar 25 2019

Disable on mouse panel appear when windows maximized.

Kwin Scripts by nicecoder
Plasma has default setting "Windows Can Cover" but this is not enough if you consider annoying panel appear when you move your mouse to her edge. This script depends on "Windows Can Cover" option so it must be enabled. I test this with virtual desktops but not with different displays so...
disable hotconers kwin linux unix
Feb 27 2019