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Scale Minimize Animation

Kwin Effects by zzag
folder for KWin effects: mkdir -p ~/.local/share/kwin/effects * Copy the package folder to the newly
kwin linux unix
Mar 21 2019

KWin Quick Tile Enhancements

Kwin Scripts by thetarkus
Enhancements for the KWin Quick Tile feature. KDE Plasma's window manager KWin is chock full
tiling kwin quicktile linux unix
Jun 14 2019

BreezewayMod kwin Window Decoration

Aurorae Themes by n4n0
**PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION THROUGH KDE'S SETTINGS WILL NOT WORK** BreezewayMod is a fork of the Breezeway window decoration which aims to mimic the macOS interface. But with powerups. Did I mention that it comes without weird glitches on the rounded corners? This window...
decoration theme macos no-glitch kwin linux unix kde plasma
Nov 10 2019

Move Window and Focus to Desktop

Kwin Scripts by nightreveller
KWin script that creates shortcuts for moving a window and the focus to a certain desktop.
linux unix kdeplasma kwin script
Mar 25 2019

Fully transparent frame

Aurorae Themes by eQuilibrium
The windows will have a elegant but fully transparent frame
linux unix theme kde plasma windows kwin aurorae
Oct 02 2019

Disable on mouse panel appear when windows maximized.

Kwin Scripts by nicecoder
Plasma has default setting "Windows Can Cover" but this is not enough if you consider annoying panel appear when you move your mouse to her edge. This script depends on "Windows Can Cover" option so it must be enabled. I test this with virtual desktops but not with different displays so...
kwin disable hotconers linux unix
Feb 27 2019

Keep Jetbrains IDEs Above At Launch

Kwin Scripts by mooncher
jetbrains applications that forces the "accept focus" behavior to "on" Just a small kwin script
kwin fix linux unix
Sep 20 2018

Latte Window Colors

Kwin Scripts by Psifidotos
This is a KWin script that sends window colors information to Latte through dbus interface
linux unix latte colors kwin script
Mar 23 2019

Aqua Striped

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by m4qu3l4n
Aqua Striped KDE window decoration . It's not an SVG Aurorae theme, but one in QT5 and C++.
linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 theme kde5 kwin decoration
Jul 09 2019

OSD Clock

Kwin Effects by laloch
KWin effect that displays clock at the corner of the screen
osd clock effect kwin linux unix
Aug 12 2018