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STYVN Breeze

QtCurve by styvn
My QtCurve theme based on the Breeze theme with a touch of Windows themes (square buttons).
breeze wiindows linux unix theme qtcurve
Mar 01 2021

Soft Glass

QtCurve by phob1an
Part of Soft Glass Global Theme.
linux unix theme qtcurve
Sep 22 2020

Xplastik Qtcurve Theme

QtCurve by deny26
this kde qtcurve theme based on plastik qtcurve. Install qtcurve (depend on your distro
qtcurve linux unix theme kde manjaro
Apr 05 2020

Dark glassy theme with gradients

QtCurve by zinjanthr0pus
This is a QtCurve theme that I made to go with a couple of other themes based around an aurora
glass blur gradient gradients linux unix theme qtcurve
Mar 24 2020


QtCurve by zinjanthr0pus
This is my attempt at a QtCurve theme based on Apple's Platinum style from System 8 and 9. QtCurve
linux unix theme qtcurve os9 os8 platinum classic macintosh
Apr 01 2020

Pandora QtCurve hackerish

QtCurve by nestort
-like. This is the QtCurve configuration file. You can complete it with the following configuration
linux unix theme qtcurve hacker pandora
Jan 16 2020

Kameleon QtCurve

QtCurve by rwml
# Kameleon (QtCurve) This theme is part of the Kameleon project ## Project Kameleon
linux unix theme qtcurve
Sep 07 2019


QtCurve by phob1an
This has been superceded by Steany Kvantum: It was part of Steamy look-and-feel.
steam linux unix theme qtcurve
Sep 21 2019

AmigaBuntu QTCurve Theme

QtCurve by Tweak
AmigaBuntu QTCurve Theme
linux unix theme qtcurve
Jun 21 2019

Xhex's Milky Theme

QtCurve by Xhex
My version of Milky QtCurve theme.
qtcurve linux unix theme
May 31 2019