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Kanzish (Kanzi mody by tuxvoytec)

QtCurve by tuxvoytec
This is not the end of my job. The whole is based on a Kanzi theme created by Scnd101(you need to thank him for his excellent work.) My theme has some modifications within the Bespin
linux qtcurve theme unix
Dec 16 2010

Groovy (QtCurve) Style

QtCurve by maarizwan
Thin lines with groovy (having grooves) etchy style. It is a synthesis of oxygen style with 'grooves' and 'without colored hover' effect The Widgety applications (koffice, krita) where there are many dockers and toolbars with a lot many buttons and other widgets, this style gives a...
linux qtcurve theme unix
Oct 12 2010