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Open with gVim

Dolphin Service Menus by FabioMux
This service menu adds the ability to open the selected files in separate tabs within the gVim text editor. More info about it can be found at the address:
gvim service-menu dolphin-service-menu krusader addon
Jul 21 2020

Dolphin XML tools - service menu

Dolphin Service Menus by dark-eye
Simple XML tools for Dolphin Depends on 'xmllint' command can be installed with 'apt install libxml2-utils'
xml dolphin-service-menu service-menu addon
Jan 29 2020

Dolphin JSON tools - service menu

Dolphin Service Menus by dark-eye
Simple tools add actions to dolphin service menu on JSON files Depends on : - jsonlint deb package ( or jsonlint_php executable) - libjson-xs-perl deb package
json dolphin dolpin-service-menu service-menu addon
Jan 29 2020

Meld Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by romankiefer
A complete service menu to compare your files or folders with meld. [b] Functioning [/b] To handed the files to meld, you have two choices. [u] variant A [/u] Clicking the right mouse button on a file or folder using the menu item "Set file/folder" the first argument set to compare. In...
addon meld service-menu kdeplasma kde5 diff
Jul 03 2019

Change Creation Date of a File

Dolphin Service Menus by suther
If it's important for you to be able to change the creation-date (e.g you use an Application like TagSpaces, or need to copy a file, but wan't to keep the creation-date ), you can use this ServiceMenu for Dolphin. Chose a file, right-click with Mouse and an Calendar-Popup appears. Choose a...
kde date creation-date dolphin service-menu addon
Mar 14 2018