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Dear KDE Folks,

I have the pleasure to announce the new phase of Crystal Icon Theme that from now on will be called Crystal Clear. There are a lot of changes! Hundreds of new icons, support to the most known KDE games, and a lot of new things. The design style also was improved and updated to be more competitive with the market operational systems as well as the upcoming systems. I hope you like it!

As always I would like to thank some important people:

1- All the KDE users that always have supported my work and make my working nights really worth.
2- Linspire for the financial support of this project (you may not believe, but I have to eat so I keep living).
3- Nullmid, RELIO owner that kindly host online my projects.
4- God, for have gave me life and make all things possible.

Last changelog:

10 years ago

This version was discontinued, To get Updates please find by Crystal Project.


12 years ago

well, dunno. saw nothing rebranded except the LAUNCH button, really.

and - no, i was not talking about you personally, but there have been plenty rants about this, so i thought i have to speak up ;)

hey, its summer, give everaldo timeto reply back. we will see what happens.



12 years ago

Aye, and sorry if I took your comments as in response to mine.

The concept for the icons I really like. I like the glass effect on many icon styles but, similarly to the way I use Linux so I don't really want my desktop looking like a mac. I use Gentoo so don't want it looking like Linspire.

Many of the icons are still branded Linspire or lindows, even with the changelog saying Linspire elements removed and for me that makes it unusable.

I really hope he does release a straight "kde" set because they're great icons.



12 years ago

Thank you for your hard and excellent work Everaldo !

You always give the linux desktop the needed professional high quality iconsets
to be competitive ...

Now i have new eyecandy for my kde ...




12 years ago

Really, REALLY nice.

I have to ask, is that a special kde style you are using ?



12 years ago

I think he uses the linspireclear-style.
Get it from here:



12 years ago

Pity, but i cant install that:(

Das ist kein gültiges Symboldesign-Archiv.



12 years ago

I am SHOCKED! Seriously. I usually switch to using the latest widget styles and icon sets when they're released just to have something different to look at, but every time you make a new release of Crystal... Whoa.

This isn't simply a case of having something new to look at. Your icons are so good that there's no way I can forgive myself for not admiring them. I haven't been this impressed since I saw screenshots of Longhorn's Aero Glass look for the first time.

Excellent work. Insane work. Inspired work.



12 years ago

Good work, Everaldo! Where can i download the windows decoration? It's very nice!!



12 years ago

Nice,nice,very nice,my god,it's very very nice!



12 years ago

Very nice over all. I would also like to be able to easily replace the Linspire logo. Perhaps a choice through the icon set build scripts? It would also cut down the bandwidth needed for hosting the icons.



12 years ago

I think this is a fantastic icon theme.

With two exceptions.

I seriously dislike the fact that my start button and the spinner in Konq are now Linspire icons.

I do not use, do not like, and do not want Linspire icons.

Shame such a beautiful theme has to be "branded" with a particular distributions labels/logos.



12 years ago

well, I do not personally like linspire, but they did fund the set. so it seems only right that the "brand" is included in it. as a side note, don't forget that the linspire icon sits on the side of kde-look as a sponsor.



12 years ago

I love your icons. No doubt you are fine artist :)

The only things I don't like in the icons are:

1. Crossed (slanted) folders: which makes them look unstable in the window. It feels like they are about to fall down from the window.

2. Guided icons: in toolbars most icons are *same* colored, which makes very difficult for person standing behind to guide a person using KDE.

Though, now with "Crystal Clear", it is easy to say "press the Yellow icon on the toolbar to reload", or press the "red button to stop", or "press the first green button to go back".

With Crystal Clear, the folders look stable and icons easily identified. I am happy with your artwork. thank you.



12 years ago

what is the Licence for this?
whereis the svg? will ou provide svg files soon?



12 years ago


ps. there is no firefox icon and there is no .svgz files in it, may you provide them?



12 years ago


Thanks for all your hard work!

I'm interested in knowing where I can find the window deco and theme from your screenshot.

Thanks, Chris



12 years ago

these icons are really great :)
i'd like to ask one thing: what's your window decoration (i mean, the one visible on the screenshot) called?



12 years ago

Your work is really great! I like this icons, but I have one problem. I want to change the Linspire Icon in the Konquerer, how could i change it?



12 years ago

what to say ??? EVERALDOOO !
this is new DEFAULTTTT for KDE ! KDE 4 Will Be Breath Taking !!! ;)



12 years ago

What to say? Thanks.
The value you add to Linux with your graphics is incommensurable.
Ehternal gratitude and respect.

Roberto (if you have time for an icon :-) )



12 years ago

woo hoo hoo!


10 years ago

This version was discontinued, To get Updates please find by Crystal Project.

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